Nissan has launched the new Nissan Terra facelift 2021 in some places like the Middle East and South-East Asia, and Nissan Terra 2021 Philippines launch is expected to happen soon.  It has been based on the Nissan Navara 2021. This model is said to be in competition with Toyota Fortuner 2021.

Nissan Terra

The Bold New Look of The New Nissan Terra Facelift 2021:

The body of the Nissan terra 2021 facelift is exceptionally built with a cleanly sculpted body and a comfy interior. The body is as strong and as durable as the Nissan Pathfinder 2021. 

Upbeat Technology With Smooth Controls: Nissan Terra Facelift 2021

Safety and Driver assistance tech:

Nissan terra facelift 2021 is built with Nissan Intelligent Mobility. This advanced technology acts as an extra pair of eyes for you, helping you find blind spots or watching places you can’t see. 

The Intelligent Emergency braking technology installed in Nissan terra facelift is exceptionally advanced. It helps you monitor the speed of the vehicle and the distance between you and the car in front of you. It gives you a warning if you need to slow down the vehicle. This technology also acts as an invisible brake helping you stop collision before it happens even during times of heavy traffic by assessing the distance and the probability of an accident occurring. 

The Intelligent Forward Collision Warning can help you look up to two cars that are standing before you. Even if you don’t know what is happening before you, this piece of technology acts as a drone overhead and detects if there is any deceleration in the speed of the vehicles ahead of you and warns you ahead of time to slow down.

The Blind Spot Warning technology helps you see any place that you cannot see properly from your driver’s spot. It also gives you a heads up in case there is any vehicle hiding in a spot you cannot see through the mirror. 

The Lane Departure Warning system helps watch where you are moving on the lane. It will make sure that you stay on your lane and only move out of it when you have to. In case the system detects that you are drifting apart from your lane involuntarily, it gives you a heads up. This helps you lessen your chances of getting into an accident. 

Nissan Terra

Parking and Backing Up Technology:

These technologies have been created to make you feel more comfortable while parking and also while making your way through a crowded road or on a heavy traffic day.

Intelligent Around View Monitor Parking: 

For parking: This system has four cameras fitted on each of the four sides of the car. This way you can have a 360-degree view around the vehicle. The camera views are all displayed side by side on the monitor. The views consist of close up of the front, the back and the two curbsides. It is used along with Moving Object Detection technology which detects any movement around the car. This way you won’t be surprised by any sudden movement around your vehicle.

For off-road: This system in the 4LO mode helps you give a clear view of the surrounding place at slow speeds. This helps you avoid large obstacles in your path and helps you find where your wheels move on. 

Rear cross-traffic alert: This technology helps you watch your back when you are backing out from your parking space. This helps you find any car that might come from either side of your Terra X.

Rear View Mirror

Intelligent Rear View Mirror: 

Our intelligent rearview mirror helps you look behind even though there are a lot of passengers and luggage blocking the back view of the car. This system comes with a switch that helps you flip between the rearview mirror and monitor quickly. When the switch is turned on the hatch camera will expand the rear field of vision. It helps brighten low light conditions. It also helps you have a good unobstructed view of the rear side of the car.

Engine Power and Control:

The powerful engine of the Nissan terra facelift helps you go through rush hour traffic or pouring rain comfortably. The 7-speed automatic transmission and manual mode give you a lot more control over the working of the car

You can shift between 2WD and 4H modes from when you want to use maximum fuel efficiency while going on the highway to go through serious weather conditions. When the roads are rocky or muddy, you can use the 4LO mode to help you go through any disaster comfortably while you are still intact on your seat.

The Nissan Terra uses 2.5 litres QR25 4 cylinder petrol system

Displacement2488 cc
Fuel TypeGasoline / Petrol
Fuel Economy11.4 km / l
Power165 hp @ 6000
Torque241 nm @ 4000

Off-Road Technology: Nissan Terra Facelift

The rugged engineering and advanced technology built within Nissan Terra X makes the car the perfect piece of technology to do complex things easily. It has a durable suspension and a rigid fully boxed frame that will prevent any sort of bending or twisting when travelling through tough terrains. The car also has certain smart tech pieces like Brake Limited Slip Differential that helps you gain more power and control over dunes.

Hill Descent Control:

The hill descent control technology helps control the speed and brake pressure of your vehicle when going down steep hills or mountains. This makes sure that you are going down the hill at the same constant speed.

Hill Start Assist:

The hill start assist system makes sure that your car doesn’t roll backwards while ascending up the hill.

Smart Phone With Smart Car

Integrate Your Smart Phone With Your Smart Car:

The Nissan Terra has a 9-inch display system. This helps you connect with your smartphone and display its contents such as your personal info, contacts, and music. You can control this system using the control system in your steering wheel. The Nissan terra also has USB ports including USB C to charge the batteries of your mobile phones, tablets or any other gadgets. 

  • NissanConnect: The NissanConnect has Bluetooth, navigation, voice recognition and many other features and you can also customize your home screen through the 9-inch display screen. 
  • Wireless Apple Carplay Integration: The wireless apple car play is integrated with Siri voice control. It also integrates other features such as your contacts, your favourite messaging apps, apple maps and many other features directly into the system.
  • Android Auto: You can use Android auto to help you know where you are going and when you are going. Google map feature helps you navigate your way around the city.
  • Bose Premium Audio System: The Bose premium audio system takes advantage of the acoustic interior of the Nissan Terra. The 8 speakers have been strategically placed by Bose engineers to have the maximum efficient sound system for your car. 

Nissan Terra Facelift 2021 release date:

The Nissan Terra Facelift 2021 release date is actually shifted to January 1st of 2021. This will further increase the competition with Toyota Fortuner 2021 as that car too is expected to be launched in January 2021.

Nissan Terra Facelift Price:

The Nissan Terra facelift 2021 prices in India are expected to be around Rs. 20 lakhs, whereas the Nissan Terra Facelift 2021 Philippines price is PHP 2,21,000. 

The conversion of the Nissan Terra Facelift 2021 Philippines price to INR shows that the amount will be around Rs. 30 lakhs. So the price of Nissan Terra Facelift 2021 is cheaper in India than in the Philippines.

Future Nissan Developments:

Nissan Navara 2021 is expected to release following the launch of Nissan Terra 2021 Philippines. Nissan Pathfinder 2021 has been said to be released with slight improvements from the previous model including a 9-speed transmission.



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