Unveiling the 2023 Kia Seltos Facelift: A Blend of Bold Design and Enhanced Features

The 2023 Kia Seltos facelift continues its legacy as a captivating SUV in the Indian market, catering to the nation’s affinity for technology-loaded and stylish vehicles. In this article, we delve into our initial impressions after a brief encounter with the revamped Seltos, highlighting its exterior aesthetics, interior advancements, driving experience, and safety enhancements.

Model Tested: Kia Seltos XLine – A Turbocharged Powerhouse

In our comprehensive review of the 2023 Kia Seltos facelift, we had the opportunity to put the XLine variant to the test. This variant is equipped with a robust 1.5-liter Turbocharged Petrol engine paired with a dynamic Dual-Clutch Transmission (DCT).

Engine Specifications

Under the hood, the Seltos XLine roars with a commanding performance. The 1.5-litre Turbocharged Petrol engine delivers an impressive power output of 158 BHP, ensuring a thrilling driving experience. The engine’s torque, rated at 253 Nm, guarantees an exhilarating acceleration, allowing the Seltos to conquer both urban streets and open highways with ease.

Exterior Refinement

2023 Kia Seltos facelift
Image Source: Abhiraj Jit | www.motargaadi.com

During our visit to the Kia Beat 360, where we had the privilege of acquainting ourselves with this remarkable vehicle, the Seltos facelift’s design stood out as a testament to Kia’s unwavering commitment to aesthetics.

2023 Kia Seltos facelift
Image Source: Abhiraj Jit | www.motargaadi.com

The muscular stance and captivating design that were characteristic of the previous model have been seamlessly retained in the facelifted version. Notably, the X-Line variant boasts an alluring matte finish, ensuring those inclined towards striking aesthetics are well catered to. The Seltos’ design holds its own against the competition, particularly the Creta, solidifying our preference for the former.

2023 Kia Seltos facelift
Image Source: Abhiraj Jit | www.motargaadi.com

Interior Elegance

2023 Kia Seltos facelift
Image Source: Abhiraj Jit | www.motargaadi.com

Kia’s reputation for delivering stunning interiors remains unblemished with the 2023 Seltos facelift. Drawing inspiration from the Australian Seltos, the interior receives notable updates. Of special mention is the introduction of a fully digital instrument cluster that exudes modernity and sophistication. The addition of the Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) functions on the steering wheel, as well as the lane watch camera amplifies the driving experience. Our experience with the lane watch camera demonstrated its flawless functionality. Another enticing feature is the panoramic sunroof, which undoubtedly adds to the car’s allure. The cabin’s space has been further improved, with the panoramic sunroof enhancing the comfort of passengers with varying heights.

2023 Kia Seltos facelift
Image Source: Abhiraj Jit | www.motargaadi.com

Driving Dynamics

Taking the wheel of the 2023 Kia Seltos facelift for a short drive left us impressed with its performance and drive modes, particularly in the DCT variant. Engaging the sport mode accentuated the peppy nature of the turbo engine, with smooth and swift gear shifts. The refinement in gear transitions is particularly noticeable, eliminating any lag during upshifts and downshifts. Kia’s efforts in enhancing the Seltos’ driving dynamics are evident, although the steering’s lighter feel at lower speeds falls short of the precision found in some Skoda models. The Seltos strikes a balance between spirited engine performance and a comfortable driving experience, making it an ideal choice for those seeking both.

Safety Commitment

The 2023 Seltos facelift reflects Kia’s dedication to safety through its features and improvements. While the pre-facelift version achieved a 3-star rating in Global NCAP for adult occupant safety, the facelifted model raises the bar. Equipped with six airbags and a comprehensive suite of safety features such as a Traction Control System (TCS), Hill Launch Assist (HLA), and Electronic Stability Control (ESC), the Seltos prioritizes the well-being of its occupants. We eagerly anticipate the Bharat NCAP ratings to gain a more comprehensive understanding of the car’s safety credentials.

A Priceless Proposition: On-Road Pricing

As we took to the streets of Gurgaon, the Seltos XLine impressed not only with its performance but also with its on-road price of 22.79 lakhs. This competitive price point positions the Seltos XLine as an appealing option for those seeking a blend of power, style, and value in their SUV.


In the competitive landscape of SUVs in the Indian market, the 2023 Kia Seltos facelift maintains its reputation as a charismatic and technologically advanced option. With its bold design, upgraded interiors, engaging driving dynamics, and heightened safety measures, the Seltos stands as a testament to Kia’s commitment to meeting the demands of Indian consumers.

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