BMW G310RR Review: Unveiling the Mini Sportster from BMW Motorrad

BMW Motorrad, renowned worldwide for its luxurious sport bikes and adventure tourers, has been in a successful partnership with TVS Motors for over a decade, with more than 1.4 lakh motorcycles sold. In this review, we’ll delve into the BMW G310RR, a fully faired version of the 310cc bike in BMW Motorrad’s lineup, sharing our comprehensive experience with this remarkable machine.

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Design and Appearance

The BMW G310RR commands attention with its striking appearance. Available in two variants and three colour options, the white with red-blue inserts stands out as a crowd favourite. The dual-tone paint scheme complements the bike’s size and proportions, and the BMW logo seamlessly integrated into the fairing adds a touch of sophistication.

Additionally, at the front, the G310RR features a full LED setup with a dual projector unit, providing excellent visibility during night rides. Furthermore, the LED indicators not only enhance visibility but also add to the bike’s aesthetics. Moreover, the front suspension consists of USD forks painted in a fetching golden shade, ensuring superb ride quality while effectively absorbing road imperfections. The 110-section front tire on 17-inch alloy wheels, along with a 300mm front disc equipped with dual-channel ABS, ensures confident and secure braking.

The riding posture on the G310RR is reminiscent of a typical sports bike, with backward-set footpegs and an aggressive stance. The comfortable seat height of 810mm accommodates riders well. The bike features a 309cc liquid-cooled engine generating 34 Ps of power and 27 Nm of torque, mated to a smooth 6-speed manual transmission. The single chrome-finished exhaust produces a sweet sound, particularly enjoyable in tunnels. For the pillion rider, the high-placed rear footpegs and added weight contribute to a comfortable and smooth ride during long trips.

Moving to the rear, the bike sports all-LED tail lamps and indicators, reminiscent of its sibling, the TVS Apache RR310. The single monocoque suspension in the rear is adjustable, offering flexibility in ride quality adjustments. The 150mm rear tire on 17-inch alloy wheels, combined with a 240mm rear disc brake, ensures stable and confident stopping power. While it lacks a TRACTION CONTROL system, the G310RR offers various riding modes that modify engine, gearbox, and suspension settings.

Features and Instrument Cluster

The switch panel includes headlight controls, pass-by light switch, and dedicated buttons for the instrument cluster on the left side. The right side integrates the engine kill switch and ignition switch, along with a neatly placed hazard lamp button. The rectangular ORVMs, positioned above the headlamps, provide a clear rear view.

The G310RR boasts a 5-inch TFT digital instrument cluster displaying various information, including trip meter, odometer, fuel level, gear position, real-time range, instant fuel efficiency, and real-world efficiency. It offers four riding modes: URBAN, RAIN, SPORT, and TRACK, each altering the instrument cluster display to suit different riding conditions. The display is crisp and easily readable, even in bright sunlight. Day and night modes can be adjusted manually or set to change automatically. Additionally, it features a lap timer and a 0-60 km/h timer.

Riding Experience

In the city, the G310RR offers a pleasant riding experience. The 310cc liquid-cooled engine delivers 34 Ps of power and 27 Nm of torque, with linear power delivery and minimal low-end lag. The 6-speed manual gearbox provides smooth and precise shifts, although the bite point of the clutch may take some getting used to.

The front USD fork suspension ensures a comfortable ride, effectively dampening road imperfections. The bike’s stability while cornering is impressive, making it suitable for enthusiastic riders. Braking performance is reliable, thanks to the 300mm front disc and 240mm rear disc, both equipped with dual-channel ABS.

Riding Modes

The G310RR offers four riding modes:

1. URBAN MODE: Smooth and refined power delivery encourages efficient riding, with a top speed limited to 140 km/h.

2. RAIN MODE: Enhanced tire grip and improved stability in wet conditions, with slight modifications to braking feel.

3. SPORT MODE: Tuned for maximum performance, delivering the full 34 Ps of power, a sweet exhaust note, and a top speed of 170 km/h.

4. TRACK MODE: Allows the engine to rev to the red line, offering performance similar to SPORT MODE, with minor adjustments.


The BMW G310RR, a 310cc super sports bike, impresses with its balanced ride and handling, robust power, and connected technology features. Despite being a miniature version of the S1000RR, it stands out in its category. With its striking appearance and versatile performance, the G310RR earns a resounding thumbs up from our team.

For a more detailed experience, be sure to check out our video review


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