Cars Sold in October 2022


The game of gamble is the most unpredictable game as anyone is capable of losing and so is anyone can win out of uncertainties. Same principles apply to selling and purchasing of cars which stand against the Year on Year Sales(Y.O.Y.) and Month on Month Sales ( M.O.M.). In this article, we will be inking top cars sold in October 2022.

This profit making and graph predicting prophecy heightened during the peaks of cars selling months especially in festivals months and during big discount bonanza. Several factors are decorated that gives exact punch in making profits for these automobile companies.

Still sometimes company fails to maintain that rhythm of selling their cars due to several factors. But as usual automobile companies do know how to surf through high tides. Overcoming every disastrous situation there are some cars that continues to settle benchmarks every year and every month. Let’s seek through it.    

1. Maruti Suzuki Alto (21,260 units) – Top in list of Cars Sold in October 2022

Maruti Suzuki Alto
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1st in the list is all-time favorite, lovable, most efficient car for any Indian family. It has a legacy for more than 30 years, Maruti Suzuki Alto. Several models come under the same brand name and has given strength to this company. But Alto gives this company its true image and characteristics. Last to latest version has all the features one should ask during purchasing or want in his/her car. The cheapest car but the best one till date.

2. Maruti Suzuki WagonR (17,945 units) – Second Winner from the list of Cars Sold in October 2022

Maruti Suzuki WagonR
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This car has the heart of Indian consumers for more than two consecutive decades. No doubt it is second in the list after Alto in top selling cars units list. With latest version arrival of WagonR, this generation WagonR is much more spacious, still in budget, lofted with some new features which gives pretty impressive feel whether be it driving in the city or on the highway. Exceptional mileage range with the availability in CNG has boost its sales, marking the greatest number of vehicles running under its name in the form OLA and UBER.

3. Maruti Suzuki Swift (17,231 units) – Top third in the list of Cars Sold in October 2022

Maruti Suzuki Swift
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The car which usually settles for top positions in the list has made it once again to the top 3rd position. This month Swift has been able to make better position then it’s arch rival from the same company Baleno. Although both providing profits to the company along with massive sales. But the pickup and driving thrust which Swift provides is unmatchable if compared to Baleno. The one who has driven the Swift already know how this car is when it speeds on highways.

4. Maruti Suzuki Baleno (17,149 units)

Maruti Suzuki Baleno
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When the call is for premium hatchback cars, first name would be conferred to Maruti Suzuki Baleno. It is the best-selling, fascinating, provide premium and luxurious experience while driving either in city or on highway, fully feature loaded car with friendly budget which is most impressive note it gives about itself for customer. Even the facelifted version was solely loved among the Indian consumers due to its value for money impression, engine, reliability, features and much more. Like any other day Maruti Suzuki never fails to top the list of selling out the most units of their cars in a single month.   

5. Tata Nexon (13,767 units)

Tata Nexon
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This month Tata Nexon makes it to the 5th position making it to the best-selling mid-size SUV among its range. Since the technology development has enhanced in Tata, its cars have touched the influential impact on every customer which makes them loyal towards Tata. Tata Nexon is also a mid-size SUV with brutal toughness, great mileage, efficient price range, driving comfortability to next level, highly safe and secured along with best in the business features with sunroof. Most appealing features that many other automobiles company fails to produced is that ventilated seats. Yes, Tata Nexon is blessed with ventilated seats to provide extra comfort while driving.  

6. Maruti Suzuki Dzire  (12,321 units)

Maruti Suzuki Swift Drize
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Maruti Dzire price starts at ₹ 7.00 Lakh and goes upto ₹ 10.21 Lakh (on-road Delhi). Dzire comes in 9 variants. The base model price in cng is ₹ 9.24 Lakh and goes upto ₹ 10.21 Lakh for Top model. The price of Dzire automatic version starts from ₹ 8.67 Lakh. And with the last update, Maruti has also provided a styling update in the form of a revised fascia. Otherwise, the Dzire continues to be a car with a strong motor, is extremely efficient, has sorted dynamics and is spacious and comfortable overall.

7. Hyundai Creta (11,880 units)

Hyundai Creta
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 The Hyundai Creta is the Alpha among mid-size SUV because this car has so much to offer whether be it luxurious feel, impressive mileage, best in class experience, features so enhanced that one who sits inside for the first time will get confuse how to operate but guide is there do not worry! In today’s scenario the booking period or waiting period for Creta is long hauled and even customers are ready to wait this long this shows the loyalty and royalty this car has developed over the years among Indian consumers.

8. Tata Punch (10,982 units)

Tata Punch
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Tata Punch is somewhat micro-SUV segment car, maintaining the legacy of Tata. Not even a year has passed And This car HAS ALREADY booked more than one lakh units under its name. Design wise this car is massive hit in its segment. On factors it has been claimed as one of the safest cars from Tata.

9. Maruti Suzuki Ertiga (10,494 units)

Maruti Suzuki Ertiga
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Mind-blowing average. Its soft gear system looks marvelous, power steering is great. It is an unforgettable experience. It has great comfort for driving, and mileage, and is best for all roads, has fewer jerkins and is best for a ride in every place, easily suitable for joined family and it has airbags for safety, especially for its fuel consumption, saving due to less consumption of fuel. The price of Maruti Ertiga starts at Rs. 8.35 Lakh and goes up to Rs. 12.79 Lakh. Maruti Ertiga is offered in 9 variants.

10. Maruti Brezza (9,941 units)

Maruti Suzuki Brezza
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Critics has served words in the market that latest arrival of Brezza has the resemblance of Range Rover models with little modification done. Condemning such critics word of mouth Brezza has indefinitely won over the hearts of many of their consumers. This month Brezza sales falls down exceptionally in regards to sales graph it makes in the month of September.  

Under 10 lakh budget this will be right choice to your basket. In terms of engine, mileage, transmission, variants bhp, torque and acceleration handling of the car, it has outdone many competitions with certain ease.



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