Introducing our comprehensive review of the Citroen C3 Non-Turbo, after an exhilarating test drive! While Citroen vehicles have faced challenges in gaining popularity in India due to perceived feature shortcomings, the C3 stands out with its boundless driving enjoyment. In this article, we explore the car’s driving pleasure and features, aiming to assess whether it truly deserves greater recognition and sales in the Indian market.

Citroen C3 Exterior:

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The Citroen C3 boasts a refreshing simplicity in its design language, avoiding an overdone appearance. The front features LED Daytime Running Lights (DRLs) and a stylish chrome grille, adding to its stellar looks. The headlamps, though equipped with halogen bulbs instead of LEDs, still complement the overall design, setting it apart from some Hyundai models in India. The top variant offers diamond-cut alloy wheels, further enhancing its appeal.


Citroen C3
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Citroen has made significant updates to the C3, including the addition of a reverse parking camera, now available on the Shine variant. While smart keyless entry remains absent, its absence doesn’t seem to deter potential buyers, especially for those seeking a car with great looks and decent features.

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Interior of Citroen C3 Non-Turbo:

citroen c3 non turbo
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Previously criticized for its lack of features, the Citroen C3 now impresses with electrically adjustable ORVMs in the Shine variant. However, some parts of the interior, such as the plastic quality, could use improvement. Nonetheless, the comfortable and well-cushioned seats provide a relaxing driving experience. The C3’s interior is impressively spacious, accommodating passengers with ease, unless the occupants are considerably large.

Performance of Citroen C3 Non-Turbo:

Citroen C3 Non Turbo
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The Citroen C3 offers two engine options: the Puretech 100 engine with 100 BHP and the Puretech 82, delivering excellent power delivery for city driving. For budget-conscious drivers, the Puretech 82 provides a delightful driving experience. The car’s clutch and gearshifts are smooth, contributing to a hassle-free ride. Additionally, the tall gearing allows the car to achieve higher speeds in each gear. The C3’s ride quality remains smooth, even when manoeuvring over potholes, while the lightweight and responsive steering wheel enhances city driving.

Safety Ratings of the C3 Hatchback:

Image Source: Global NCAP

Safety is an essential aspect, and Latin NCAP’s crash test results for the Citroen C3 raised concerns, with the car scoring a zero-star rating in the Brazilian market. However, the Indian version’s safety features, such as dual airbags, VSM, and HLA, suggest it may achieve a better safety rating once tested by Global NCAP. It’s crucial to await the crash test results for the Indian mode

The Citroen C3 Non-Turbo offers an enjoyable driving experience, ample features, and a spacious interior. Despite concerns over safety ratings, the C3’s growing list of features and fun factors make it an attractive choice for Indian buyers. With Citroen’s efforts to improve and cater to the Indian market’s preferences, the C3 deserves more attention and sales. Share your opinions in the comments section; we’d love to hear your thoughts!



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