Hyundai Launched Creta 7 Seater Model in India 2021


With comfort and safety being the main factor for choosing automobiles, Hyundai will soon launch its Creta 7 seater model that will have more comfortable seating with higher safety features. Hyundai launched its latest five seater Creta model on 16th March 2020. However, they will be launching another all-new SUV experience with their Creta 7 seater model in 2021. This model may be introduced with a new name but will be an enhancement of 5 seater Creta. The new Creta 7 will have a few minor styling and structural changes. The new SUV will launch along with some of the other promising SUV competitors.

What to expect from 7 seater Creta?

As compared to the current SUV model, there are a few more safety and comfort features that the 7 Seater Creta is planning to introduce. The length of the soon to be launched Creta seven-seater will be around 4598 mm. The width of 7 Seater Creta will be 1894 mm and the SUV height will be 1706 mm. The ground clearance will be somewhere around 190 mm. 

Enhanced Exteriors

  1. The design of 7 seaters Creta will be similar to the latest Creta 5 seater creta that was launched in 2020.
  2. However, to distinguish both the vehicles, the bumper and front grille will be designed differently.
  3. There will be around 17 inches of alloy wheels with a small design change.
  4.  LED lights arranged at the rear will be similar to Creta Model launched in 2015
  5. It is visible in the recently spied image of the 7 seaters Creta that the wheelbase has been elongated for extra seats instead of just adding the extra seats in the current setup.
  6. This design alternative will ensure that the comfort of the 5 seaters Creta is maintained even for the 7 seaters Creta.
  7. Also, the roofline will not be a slope. This will help increase occupancy and comfort for all passengers seated in the third row.
  8. However, as the roofline is not sloping anymore; the SUV has an overall box kind of look. This will be decked up with remodeled tail lamps and newer alloy wheels.
  9. There will be a flat bottomed steering wheel.
  10. The driver and passenger seats will be electrically powered.
  11. The second-row seats will be a reclinable type and will have dual steps.

Interiors with more comfortable seating

The Creta Seven seater interior will be similar to the Creta 5 seater

However, there will be an additional row of extra seats.

The inner cabin’s colour theme might have some revisions 

As the current model’s interiors are comfortable and well planned; there are very few chances that the Creta 7 seater interior might take the risk of major interior changes and enhancements.

The current Creta 5 seater SUV rolled in with these exciting featured in 2020:

  • Black and orange or black and greige colour theme- The 7 seater launch might experiment with this colour scheme though
  • Extra comfort with extra storage and seating space – The 7 seater will not compromise with comfort due to the elongated wheelbase.
  • Wireless charger for smartphones
  • 6 Airbags
  • Cup Holders for armrests
  • Monitor for the driver to view the rear side.
  • A Panoramic Sunroof that can be enabled with voice
  • Metallic scuff plates at the door
  • All the content of the glove box will remain cool in all weathers
  • An ISOFIX attached child seat
  • Windowshade for the rear seats
  • Headrest for rear seats
  • Steering wheel with D cut and leather wrapping
  • USB charger at the rear side
  • Ventilation seats for front rows
  • Blue interior lighting
  • Supervision cluster to avoid driver distraction.

Although the current model has some missing features like a heads-up display, powered tailgate, and a 360-degree camera. However, with the latest Creta launch; we can expect these features.

No engine remodelling

  1. It is most likely that Creta 7 will adopt the engine design of the 5 seater Creta that was launched in 2020.
  2. Most probably, there will be three engines- 1.5-litre petrol that can develop 115 PS and 250 Nm, 1.4 litre turbo petrol will deliver 140 PS and 242 Nm and 1.5 litre diesel will deliver 115PS and 250 Nm.
  3. There will be 7-speed DCT for the turbo motor while the other two will get a manual transmission with 6 speed 
1.4 Turbo Petrol1.5 Diesel
Engine1.4 L Turbo GDI 4 Cylinder Petrol1.5 L U2 CRDi 4 Cylinder Diesel
Power138 BHP113 BHP
Torque242 NM250 NM
Transmission7 speed DCT (Dual clutch transmission)for the turbo motorMT(Manual transmission) with 6 speed

Seven Seater Mileage Expectations

EngineFuel Efficiency
Petrol16 kmpl
Diesel20 kmpl

Reinforced Safety

A few of the safely features in Creta 7 seater might be –

  1. Anti-lock braking system(ABS) enhanced with EBD( Electronic braking with force distribution)
  2. 6 airbags
  3. Parking sensors for front and rear ends

Creta Seven seater Price in India

The Creta 7 seater launch in India will be in 2nd Quarter of 2021. The current Creta 5 seater model is launched with base variant starting at 10 lakhs The top most variant of the current 5 seater Creta is somewhere around 17 lakhs. The price of the base variant of 7 Seater Creta in India will be around 15 lakhs. The top variant will cost somewhere around 21 lakhs.

The Latest Creta Seven Seater was spotted undergoing tests in South Korea

The latest 7 Seater Creta camouflaged model was spotted in Korea recently.The model is being actively tested in South Korea before its launch in 2021. The spied photo clearly indicates that there are some visual changes made in the design of 7 seater Creta to distinguish it from its recently launched  5 seater counterpart.A few observations were made based on  the spotted model that asserts a few of the features mentioned above. Let us see what deductions can be made from the spied photo

  1. The Creta seven-seater will be launched with larger and remodeled LED tail lamps
  2. It will also have a dual sporty exhaust system. This feature, however, might be available only for the turbo petrol model of the new launch
  3. A redesigned tailgate and rear bumper
  4. New bold redesigning for the front grille while the LED headlamps seem to be unchanged
  5. Also, the fog lamps on the front are the same but a completely redesigned alloy wheel can be seen. These wheels will have arch cladding along with  dual side skirts
  6. A floating roof effect will be generated due to a line that will separate the roofline and the windows
  7. A D pillar paired with quarter glass.
  8. The cabin was not visible but it is believed that there might be very few changes made to the cabin for aesthetic appeals
  9. The entire model will be around 30 mm longer than the 5 seater Creta. The wheelbase will be elongated more by around 20 mm and the rear overhang will be longer by 10 mm.

The 2021 launch of Hyundai creta 7 seater model will be competing with the features of Tata Gravitas , Hector Plus and Nissan Magnite. All the mentioned models have also rumored to roll out with some of their best innovative features. Tata Gravitas most probably will be launched in January 2021. The newly launched 6 seater MG hector plus has revealed some promising features already. On the other hand, Nissan Magnite will be launched in November 2020 and is also rumoured to be rich with enhanced features as compared to its previous models.


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