Thrilling, Exclusive, Expensive and Italian – “Ducati” is the Ferrari of motorcycles. Ducati motorcycle is one of the most recognized and respected motorcycle brands in the world. They have innovative design, Italian craftsmanship and long-lasting success in motorsports.

Ducati Motorcycles
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So let’s check out the 7 things that make Ducati motorcycles so desirable.

1) Ducati Motorcycles are Made by Hand

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Most motorcycle companies and car industries use a wide range of technology and automatic assembly lines to manufacture their products.

But this is not the case with Ducati, as each of their motorcycles is carefully made by hand using skilled workers. It is also the reason why they are so expensive. However, this hasn’t slowed them down though as they are capable of producing one new Ducati motorcycle every 88 minutes.

2. Technology and Speed

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Ducati motorcycles are always loaded with the latest technology and fast speed.

The descendants of 916 introduced some important technology for the motorcycle world. The 2009-1198 was one of the first bike to come with traction control. 

Its successor 1299 Superleggera was the first production bike to feature a carbon-fibre frame, sub-frame, swingarm and wheels.

3. SuperBike Championships

Ducati Motorcycles
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Ducati have a long history of involvement in the biggest motorsport events in the world and they first became involved in racing in 1951. 

Because most bike enthusiasts watch the championships and Ducati’s are most popular in racing, it makes Ducati more desirable. 

Since 1951 the motorcycle has been ridden by some of the greatest professional riders of all time. Ducati have won the superbike world championship on 14 occasions. 

They have also won the championship twice as the manufacturer. The total number of victories achieved by Ducati is over twice the number of victories achieved by the next best competitor at these events.

Ducati have won 40 trophies in 28 years.

4. Ducati Enthusiast Groups

Ducati Motorcycles
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The Ducati is such a high-quality brand of motorcycle. It has many fans around the world. Since the 1990’s Ducati has utilized this fact as a part of their marketing and branding campaign.
There are now more than 400 Ducati clubs across the globe.
Riders and enthusiasts of Ducati are known as Ducatisti.

5. Ducati Motorcycles Engines

Ducati Motorcycles
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Ducati supports the Desmodromic Valves – “reciprocating engine poppet valve that is closed by camshaft and leverage system, rather than a conventional spring”. 

However many motorcycles brands adopted this technology but they soon started to turn away from Desmodromic technology. But Ducati is standing firmly with Desmo.

It gave Ducati’s reliability, speed and temperamental valve spring system. The Desmodromic Valves made the Ducati engine more reliable and cost effective and different from bike league, this is what makes the Ducati more Desirable. 

6. Ducati Training Programme

Ducati Motorcycles

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Ducati is one of the few motorcycle brands who want their customers to exploit their motorcycle the way they are supposed to be.

So for that the company occasionally conducts the training program in some states of India( Delhi and Chennai). 

Ducati provides trainers a track and a whole lot of support at a reasonable price, most of the time it’s also free for its customers.

7. Ducati are Long-Running Powerhouses

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A Ducati motorcycle can race for hours non-stop and it will not have a heating problem. 

Not that it doesn’t heat but it is designed in such a way that the body absorbs all the head so that it may not affect the engine. 

The engine is also liquid cooled to bring down the heat and to enable the speed beast to keep running for hours without breaking down.

These were the 7 Things That Makes the Ducati Motorcycles so Desirable and Popular in the Bike World.



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