Audi A4, one of the most popular sedans in Audi’s lineup, has earned its reputation for offering comfort and luxury to buyers. Today, we will share our drive impressions of this elegant luxury sedan, covering both its exterior design and performance aspects.

Exterior Design of the Car

Audi A4
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Audi A4 impresses with its stunning exterior design, offering a length of 4762 mm, a width of 1847 mm, and a height of 1433 mm. The spacious boot provides ample storage with a capacity of 460 litres.

Audi has a massive number of things to offer on the outside. The Matrix indicators on Audi cars are a signature feature that not only captivates buyers but also draws admiration from other manufacturers. Brands like Mahindra, Toyota, and Morris Garages have taken inspiration from Audi cars for their own lighting designs. The cool and distinctive designs of Audi’s luxury car lineup have left a lasting impact on the automotive world.

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The side profile of the Audi A4 is undeniably stellar, but we must admit our personal preference for Mercedes in terms of design. Design, being subjective, allows different opinions, and many people will develop a crush on the car after seeing its design. This is especially true for Audi fanboys. The alloy wheels on the Audi A4 are fabulous, thanks to their simplicity in design.

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The taillights of the Audi A4 have become so beloved by its competitors that they have started to copy the rear design of the car. Even Mercedes offered a similar design on the S-Class with its rear taillights. Audi’s stellar designs deserve appreciation, and we hope to see further evolution and innovative ideas that will inspire other manufacturers in the future.

Audi A4 Interior

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One thing that’s missing in current Audi cars is the pop-out touchscreen, which was present in previous generations. It would be more satisfying if Audi brings it back in their upcoming models. The sedan offers a fully digital instrument cluster, but it’s only available in the technology variant. For the Premium Plus variant, traditional analog dials with a digital tachometer are provided. Additionally, the Audi A4 also comes with drive modes that can alter the driving experience. It’s important to highlight that drive modes do affect the driving dynamics of the car.

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We must also mention the rear space, which provides a comfortable experience for friends with average height, especially when seated after the chauffeur drives the car. However, the rear space may not be as accommodating for taller adults, who might have to compromise on headroom. Nevertheless, the under-thigh support is excellent. The Bang and Olufsen audio system plays a vital role in enhancing the rear seat experience with its decent sound quality. It’s a recommended feature to consider when looking at the car. Additionally, we hope Audi introduces more advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) in the next generation of the car.

Performance from the TFSI engine

Audi A4 TFSI Engine
TFSI Engine | Audi A4


Under the hood, the Audi A4 houses a powerful 2.0 L TFSI petrol engine with a displacement of 1998 cc. This engine churns out a commendable 187.74 bhp of maximum power at 4200-6000 rpm and a peak torque of 320 Nm at 1450–4200 rpm. The 4-cylinder engine with 4 valves per cylinder is equipped with a turbocharger, ensuring a thrilling driving experience.

Audi A4 caters to those who seek both a driver’s car and a chauffeur’s car in one. It excels in providing a comfortable and smooth driving experience, with an engine so silent that it resembles the feel of an electric car. This sets the A4 apart from the BMW 3 Series. The performance is commendable, and the car builds pace admirably. The DSG gearbox performs smoothly, ensuring seamless gear shifting without any jerks. For those who crave a proper driver’s car, the Dynamic mode unlocks the engine’s full potential. However, for city driving, we prefer the comfort mode, as there’s little significant difference between dynamic and comfort modes during urban drives.

Ride and Handling of the Audi A4

During our drive, we predominantly traversed city roads and were impressed by the smoothness offered by the adaptive air suspension. Many journalists have praised the Audi A4’s adaptive air suspension for its ability to provide a comfortable ride quality. We encourage everyone to test and experience the ride from the suspension themselves. We are confident that driving over potholes will validate our claims about excellent ride quality. While the handling is decent, it may not match the dynamic feel of a BMW 3 Series. The steering wheel feels lighter in the cities but still provides decent feedback.

In conclusion, our experience with the Audi A4 was a delightful journey into comfort and luxury. The car boasts impressive features and performance, although it faces tough competition from rivals like the BMW 3 Series and Mercedes. Ultimately, whether the Audi A4 is the perfect choice depends on individual preferences and driving requirements.

FAQs ( Frequently Asked Questions)

Q1. What is the price of the Audi A4?

Here is the Variant Wise Pricing List of Audi A4.

Version Name Ex-Showroom Price (India) Fuel Type Transmission
Premium 40 TFSI ₹ 43.81 Lakh Petrol Automatic (DCT)
Premium Plus 40 TFSI ₹ 48.00 Lakh Petrol Automatic (DCT)
Technology 40 TFSI ₹ 51.85 Lakh Petrol Automatic (DCT)


Q2.What is the fuel tank capacity of the Audi A4?

Audi A4 fuel tank capacity is 54 litres.

Q3.What is the tyre size of the Audi A4?

Audi A4 Tyre Size is 225/50 R17.

Q4. How many airbags does the Audi A4 have?

A4 Premium Plus and Technology Petrol variants: 8 airbags. A4 Premium Petrol variants: 6 airbags.

Q5. What is the boot space of the Audi A4?

Audi A4 has a boot space of 460 litres.




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