December 2020 Sales Report

Car sales (December 2020 Sales Report), who don’t want to buy a car especially when you realize that you cannot always walk on your two legs and cover distances, you need something bigger, faster and comfortable. And alto used to be our first choice when the cars first came to the market. Mostly all the houses had an alto, that small yet compact car wherein we used to fill in all our family members and take them to different places. By the way, if you’d know a car is also a status symbol for boys nowadays, so if you have to get married look for the guy who has your kind of car.

And thus after alto came many more companies and cars, right! Like Hyundai, Chevrolet, Ford, Mahindra etc and the list goes on, without an end. People bought cars from many of these over the years. But if you’ll know the year 2020 was a tumultuous year. It became the year like something that must not be named, “You know when”. Yes, but still there were some car companies that managed to stay in the race and we see that their sales increased like never before. Let’s see them in detail one by one.

Maruti Suzuki

That top brand that’s our most favourite, from the alto that accommodated all types of families to the Maruti van for all our goods and packages, what a long way has it come. It is shown that the sales of Maruti Suzuki have increased by 20 percent as of December 2020. Which is actually a very huge rate. The sales report of 6 months if 20% was good but it’s just in December that they gained so much momentum that it’s awesome. As compared to last month this car company that works in collaboration with the Japanese saw a four percent increase in their volume of trade of their cars.

Maruti Suzuki stood in the first position of the car lead thus leaving behind the other car companies as Maruti Suzuki India Limited garnered sales of more than the last year. Standing on the first position and why not because it got around one lakh forty thousand cars sold in December 2020. Isn’t that a huge amount? I think they can teach marketing strategies far better because they sell so many cars to people which costs in lakhs and not soaps or daily use items. Interesting right. Not only this, we need to know that Maruti Suzuki is the largest car manufacturing company in India. And has also become the most favoured car in all segments.


December 2020 Sales Report

Hyundai, our first car called the Santro was from the same company. It still runs and it has been more than 10 – 15 years, it’s still working, though not many use it, still. If you’d remember Santro used to be those favourite cars of the modern middle-class family who did not want to buy something as small as the Alto and not something as big as the Ambassador, so we got Santro the perfect fit for all our needs, only if you’d remember. That same Hyundai now stands in the 2nd position as it sold around forty-seven thousand four hundred cars ten thousand more than that of December 2019.

It showcases twenty-five percent of sales growth and also has seventeen point one percent of the share of cars in the car industry. Do you remember what was the car after Santro that attracted a lot of likes? Well, that is our dear i10. Once i10   became famous almost everyone ran into buying it. Hyundai released the revised version of it or a sequel to it that was the i20. Though I don’t know how many more sequels it’s going to release with this “I” series but sure to say it has remained everyone’s favourite. Thus we got our answer and that is i20 and Creta which have been sold the most during this time.

Tata Motors

December 2020 Sales Report

The next in line is Tata Motors that stands in the third position. Ratan Tata a famous motivational advisor, entrepreneur and he is everything that a young child or a youth wants to become when they start to know about him. Isn’t it. Tata Motors goes on with an impressive 84 percent of the increase in the volume of trade of the cars and has sold over twenty-three thousand, five hundred and thirty-six vehicles in December 2020 as compared to the twelve thousand vehicles that they sold in December 2019.

The famous cars in  Tata’s company are Tata Tiago and Nexon, while Hornbill the new car of the decade is all set to release and the company feels that this will attract a lot more customers as well. So let’s see what changes take place, through the months and years to come

Mahindra & Mahindra

December 2020 Sales Report

Mahindra has taken the fourth position in the car tech race and also in the list of Indian car manufacturers. One thing to note about Mahindra is that it’s our very own car company, it’s purely Indian and manufactures and installs cars in India itself. Mahindra if we see is very recommendable to the farmers who wish that their homegrown vegetables and fruits can be transported to the main market without a middle man who hoards it and takes away their money illegally leaving them in debt. So Mahindra as we see in advertisements gets these small mini trucks that come quite handy when these sorts of businesses have to be started.

Mahindra also has those big cars which you can use for having a private taxi business wherein large families can travel without worrying. They can just pay you and you take them to their destinations. While at the same time Mahindra has sold around sixteen thousand cars or vehicles in December 2020 an increase of ten thousand cars as compared to December 2019. Its most famous cars are Scorpio, Bolero, Thar etc. and these have been in high demand since the lockdown and also due to some of us thinking that hot places will keep the virus away and thus That has been a choice for most of them. Jokes apart, Thar has received six thousand five hundred bookings in December 2020, other than the sales part whose effect is sure to be seen in the sales figures next month.

Kia Motors

Kia Motors
Image Source: Auto Car

Kia Motors has been able to grab the fifth position and has sold around eleven thousand eight hundred and eighteen cars as compared to four thousand cars the last December of 2019, which is a massive increase of around 154%. It shows that even after you have lost all hope miracles come in unexpected ways, you never know when what happens so hold on to the hope it works wonders. Like in the case of Kia Motors according to the last year’s sales of December they might have lost all hopes thinking that though it was a normal year still they weren’t able to sell much and this year being such a bad one, there was no hope left. Yet as you see, they retained themselves in the 5th position in the car race.

It has been the latest car brand in India and the amount of the number of cars that they have sold in the past two years shows the number of likes given by people to them. Their most famous car is the Kia sonnet SUV, and why not; SUV remains the all-time favourite of both daughters and family people. One needs adventure while the other needs peace so both of their interests, when combined into one, give us this car, isn’t that good to hear. The CEO feels quite delighted to be well accepted by Indians for their vehicles and promises to bring in more and better varieties soon.


The fact that car sales also show us this one important thing in life is that never lose hope, things can be difficult at times, a lot more wicked than what we think but the fact that we need to believe that miracles happen every day and we just need to wait for them. It takes time but will happen as we see in the case of Kia Motors.

As for the other car companies, Honda cars have closed in their plants in Noida due to fewer sales, while for the others like Ford and Chevrolet it’s still tough going. But must say Ford is not much of any good as it’s more of a petrol drinker than the kilometres that it covers. It has less mileage. So now that you know which company can give you the best car, do go on and buy one, because life has to be lived, in the best of its ways.

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