Gear Head Motors, a Hyderabad-based EV startup, has proudly launched India’s first Make In India certified electric bicycles. With a strong commitment to innovation, sustainability, and supporting domestic manufacturing, Gear Head Motors introduces their L I F E range of e-bikes. These groundbreaking e-bikes showcase indigenous technologies tailored specifically to the Indian market.

L-SERIES e-bike from GHM INDIA.

Cutting-Edge Indigenous Technologies:

Gear Head Motors takes pride in its in-house production of critical technologies, including the Battery Management System (BMS), Motor controller, Vehicle Control Unit (VCU), and Bluetooth module. Powered by Gear Head Silicon 1, this vertical integration ensures exceptional quality standards and seamless compatibility, delivering optimal performance across all systems without dependence on imports.

I-SERIES e-bike from GHM INDIA.

Overcoming Challenges:

The journey to bring the Make In India e-bike to fruition was not without obstacles. Gear Head Motors faced the challenge of designing their own batteries and assembling motors, and other parts domestically. Through the dedication of their skilled designers, engineers, and technicians, countless hours were invested in refining the e-bike’s design to deliver unparalleled performance, reliability, and safety.

Nikhil Gunda, Co-founder, and CEO at Gear Head Motors, expressed his excitement about introducing India’s first Make In India e-bike. This achievement reflects their commitment to the “Make In India” initiative and their belief in the talent and capabilities of the Indian manufacturing sector. By building critical technologies in-house and tailoring the design process to the Indian market, Gear Head Motors has created an e-bike that embodies innovation, sustainability, and local excellence.

F-SERIES e-bike from GHM INDIA.

Streamlined Supply Chain and Exceptional Quality:

Gear Head Motors’ focus on supply chain optimization and reduced dependence on imports ensure exceptional quality, enabling them to deliver e-bikes that exceed customer expectations in performance, reliability, and value.

Available Models and Pricing:

Gear Head Motors’ L I F E series offers four models at introductory prices ranging from ₹21,999 to ₹47,999. As a tech-focused startup, they design and manufacture top-of-the-line electric cycles in India, highlighting the best of Indian innovation and engineering.

E-SERIES e-bike from GHM INDIA.

Gear Head Motors launch of India’s first Make In India e-bike revolutionizes the industry, showcasing innovation, sustainability, and domestic manufacturing. By developing cutting-edge technologies and tailored designs, Gear Head Motors offers e-bikes that cater to Indian riders’ unique needs. With streamlined supply chains and exceptional quality, they set a new standard in electric bicycles, highlighting Indian innovation and engineering.

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