Key Highlights:
  •  Hero MotoCorp partners with Zero Motorcycles to introduce premium electric motorcycles in India, advancing the country’s electric mobility.
  •  A significant investment of US$ 60 million by Hero MotoCorp strengthens Zero’s presence in the Indian EV market.
  •  This collaboration marks Hero’s foray into electric motorcycles, expanding beyond their previous focus on electric scooters.
  •  The strategic alliance aims to promote sustainable transportation and leverage Hero’s manufacturing and marketing capabilities.
  •  By bringing international clean mobility options to India, the partnership drives innovation in the growing EV segment.

Earlier this year, Hero MotoCorp joined forces with California-based Zero Motorcycles, making a groundbreaking collaboration to introduce premium electric motorcycles in India. With a US$ 60 million investment, Hero aims to leverage its manufacturing and marketing prowess to strengthen Zero’s presence in the growing Indian EV market.

Zero Electric Motorcycle Image Gallery

Electrifying India’s 2-Wheeler Market

As the world’s leading motorcycle manufacturer, Hero MotoCorp plays a crucial role in shaping India’s 2-wheeler market. With motorcycles constituting one out of every seven 2-wheelers sold in the country, it is evident that the electrification journey in this sector demands urgent attention from manufacturers. Despite the early entry into the electric scooter market with the Vida V1, Hero is yet to gain significant market share. Nevertheless, the company’s recent investments in Ather Energy and now Zero Motorcycles demonstrate its commitment to embracing clean mobility options.

The First-of-its-Kind Collaboration:

Hero MotoCorp and Zero Motorcycles’ partnership is a milestone in the electric motorcycle space, moving beyond their previous focus on electric scooters. This collaboration brings international clean mobility options to India, combining Zero’s expertise with Hero’s manufacturing and marketing capabilities.

Zero Motorcycles: A Force to be Reckoned With:

Zero Motorcycles, headquartered in California, boasts a diverse range of electric motorcycles tailored for street riding, sports, adventure, and off-roading. With a strong presence in North America, the UK, and Europe, Zero’s products are priced between US$ 13,000 to US$ 24,000. One of its flagship models, the SR/S, offers a claimed top speed of 200 km per hour, a city range of 300 km on a full charge, and rapid charging capabilities, reaching 95% charge in just one hour.

Zero Electric Motorcycle Specs
Bike Model Range (kms) Charging Time (Hours) Speed (km/h) Torque (Nm) Power (hp) Category
SR/S 301 1 200 190 110 Street
SR/F 301 1 200 190 110 Street
SR 272 1.4 167 166 74 Street
S 288 2.3 139 109 59 Street
FXE 161 1.3 132 106 44 Street
DSR/X 290 1 180 225 100 Dual Sport
DSR 262 2.3 163 157 70 Dual Sport
DS 262 2.3 139 109 59 Dual Sport
FX 146 1.3 137 106 46 Dual Sport

Revolutionizing Premium Mobility:

By introducing Zero’s impressive lineup of electric motorcycles into India, Hero MotoCorp aims to elevate its brand and delve into the premium motorcycle segment. With an existing stronghold in the traditional motorcycle market, Hero’s foray into electric motorcycles is a strategic move to tap into the growing demand for eco-friendly, high-performance vehicles.

Challenges and Opportunities:

While Zero Motorcycles’ entry into India promises potential, it will also encounter competition from other electric motorcycle start-ups like Tork, Revolt by Rattan India, Oben Electric, and Ultraviolette. However, leveraging Hero MotoCorp’s vast experience and distribution network, the collaboration will position itself to capture a significant market share and bolster India’s transition towards sustainable transportation.



The Hero MotoCorp-Zero Motorcycles partnership is a landmark moment in India’s electric vehicle journey. By introducing Zero’s innovative and high-performance electric motorcycles to the Indian market, Hero aims to strengthen its position and make premium electric mobility accessible to Indian consumers. As the electrification wave continues to sweep the nation, collaborations like this will play a vital role in shaping the future of clean and sustainable transportation in India and beyond.



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