Honda Motorcycle & Scooter India (HMSI) has recently launched the highly anticipated Dio 125 in the Indian market. With its sporty design, advanced technology, and convenient features, the Dio 125 is set to make a statement in the 125cc scooter segment. Let’s explore the key highlights of this exciting new offering from Honda.

Sporty Design:

The Dio 125 boasts a sporty and edgy design that catches the eye. The stylish headlamp and sleek position lamp add to its overall appeal, while the dual outlet muffler with a chrome cover not only enhances the sporty DNA but also produces a unique exhaust note. The scooter features a new split grab rail, wave disk brake, and alloy wheels, along with fresh graphics and a bold logo, giving it a distinctive and modern look.

Advanced Technology:

The Dio 125 incorporates advanced technology features that enhance the overall riding experience and provide added convenience to the riders. Let’s explore these advanced technologies:

    1. Honda Smart Key with H-Smart Technology:

      The globally acclaimed Honda Smart Key comes with a range of features that make operating the Dio 125 easier and more convenient. The Smart Key offers the following functionalities:

      a. Smart Find: With the press of a button on the Honda Smart Key, all four winkers blink twice, assisting in easily locating the scooter.

      b. Smart Unlock: The Smart Unlock feature enables locking and unlocking of the vehicle without using a physical key. If there is no activity detected for 20 seconds after activation, the scooter automatically deactivates.

      c. Smart Start: With the Smart Key within a range of 2 meters, the rider can unlock the seat, fuel cap, and handle, and start the vehicle smoothly by rotating the knob on the Loc Mod (5-in-1 function switch) without the need to physically remove the key.

      d. Smart Safe: The Dio 125 is equipped with a Mapped SMART ECU, which acts as a security device by electronically matching the identification (ID) between the ECU and the SMART Key, thus preventing vehicle theft.

  1. Honda Enhanced Smart Power (eSP) Technology:

    The Dio 125 features a 125cc PGM-FI engine boosted by Honda’s Enhanced Smart Power (eSP) technology. This technology optimizes energy output, maximizing efficient combustion, and minimizing friction. It provides a silent start, smooth performance, and an eco-friendly engine, resulting in improved fuel efficiency.

3. Fully Digital Meter:

The Dio 125 features a fully digital meter displaying real-time information like range, fuel efficiency, and trip details. It also includes indicators for the side stand, smart key, battery, ECO mode, service due, and a malfunction light for immediate attention to serious issues.

4. Idling Stop System:

The Dio 125 incorporates the Idling Stop System, which automatically switches off the engine at traffic lights and during brief stops. This feature eliminates unnecessary fuel consumption and reduces emissions. The engine can be easily restarted with a simple twist of the throttle.

5. Side Stand with Engine Inhibitor:

To ensure safety, the Dio 125 comes with a Side Stand with Engine Inhibitor. This feature prevents the engine from starting while the side stand is engaged, offering a convenient and carefree ride.

By incorporating these advanced technologies, Honda has made the Dio 125 a technologically advanced and user-friendly scooter in the 125cc category, providing riders with a superior riding experience.


Comfort and Convenience:

The Dio 125 prioritizes rider comfort with telescopic suspension, a 12-inch front wheel for better manoeuvrability, and a high ground clearance of 171 mm. The Combi-Brake System (CBS) ensures enhanced stability, while the 3-step adjustable rear suspension offers control. Convenient features include a dual-function switch for unlocking the seat and fuel lid, a spacious 18L storage compartment, and an integrated headlamp beam with a passing switch for easy control of lighting functions.

Colour Options:

The Honda Dio 125 is available in seven vibrant color options, allowing riders to choose a style that matches their personality and preferences.


The Honda Dio 125 sets a new benchmark in the 125cc scooter category with its sporty design, advanced technology, and convenient features. Whether it’s the Smart Key with H-Smart technology, the powerful and efficient engine with eSP, the fully digital meter display, or the comfortable ride quality, the Dio 125 offers a compelling package for riders seeking style, performance, and convenience in their daily commute. With its launch in India, the Dio 125 is all set to revolutionize the way people perceive and experience scooters in the 125cc segment.




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