As the demand for SUVs continues to soar in the Indian market, the automotive industry is gearing up for the electric revolution. Recognizing this shift towards electric mobility, Hyundai, the largest automaker in India, has set its sights on electrifying its lineup. Recently, MotorBeam spotted the Hyundai Creta Electric undergoing testing in India, fueling anticipation among Indian car enthusiasts. In this article, we will explore what to expect from the Hyundai Creta EV and its potential impact on the Indian market.

Hyundai’s Response to the EV Trend:

Image Source: MotorBeam

With the Ioniq 5 and the Kona already in their electric lineup, Hyundai has established its presence in the Indian EV market. However, the Creta holds a special place in the hearts of Indian car buyers, making it a highly sought-after model. To cater to this demand, Hyundai is planning to introduce the Creta in an electric avatar, aiming to win over the Indian audience with its advanced battery pack and impressive features. However, to ensure competitiveness, it is crucial for Hyundai to localize the E-GMP platform, enabling Creta Electric to be priced competitively against its rivals.

Battery Pack and Features:

While official details about the Creta Electric are yet to be announced by Hyundai, it is expected that the electric version will inherit the extensive features present in the current generation Creta. Furthermore, Hyundai’s commitment to offering a well-equipped vehicle will likely help it surpass competitors such as the MG ZS electric in the Indian market. However, the battery pack specifications and range of the Creta EV are still unknown, and we eagerly await official confirmation from Hyundai regarding its launch plans in India.

Final thoughts :

As the Indian automotive market embraces electric mobility, Hyundai, as the leading automaker, is preparing to meet the growing demand for electric SUVs. The spotted testing of the Hyundai Creta Electric in India suggests that the brand is actively working on electrifying its popular Creta model. By leveraging its expertise in electric vehicle technology and localizing production, Hyundai aims to deliver a competitively priced Creta Electric with an impressive battery pack and features. As Hyundai unveils more information, car enthusiasts and potential buyers can look forward to experiencing an exciting new addition to India’s expanding EV market.

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