Hyundai India will send Tucson for Bharat NCAP

  • Tuscon will go through a crash test in Bharat NCAP
  • Gets 6-airbags as standard feature
  • ADAS present in the top-spec trim

Hyundai India has announced that three of its models, including the Exter, will undergo testing by Bharat NCAP. In a few months, we can anticipate the release of crash test results by Bharat NCAP.

Expectations in Bharat NCAP from Hyundai Tucson

Hyundai tuscon Bharat NCAP
Latin NCAP awarded 3 stars to variant with 6 airbags

The Hyundai Tuscon has already undergone crash tests in Euro NCAP and Latin NCAP. In 2021, Euro NCAP awarded the car a 5-star rating with 6 airbags, while Latin NCAP granted it a 3-star rating in 2022, highlighting stability in the body shell and footwell areas. The presence of advanced safety features in the car positions it well for favorable NCAP ratings from Bharat NCAP.

Global NCAP’s award of a 5-star safety rating to the Hyundai Verna was surprising, and there are expectations that the Tuscon will similarly impress with its crash test rating, reaffirming its safety credentials. It’s worth noting that all Hyundai cars in India come with 6 airbags as standard, even on the base variants.

Safety of Hyundai Cars in India

In global crash tests, Hyundai cars typically receive average safety ratings, even when equipped with dual airbags and standard ABS. Notably, the i20 and Creta secured 3-star ratings in Global NCAP with just six airbags. The availability of six airbags suggests that Hyundai cars have the potential to improve their safety ratings.

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