India Ranks Third Globally for Affordable Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging, Saving 88.26% on Fuel Costs

In a recent study conducted by Compare the Market Australia, India has secured its position as the third most affordable country for charging electric vehicles (EVs). This comprehensive research, which evaluated EV charging and fuel consumption across 50 countries, utilized the Hyundai Kona as the benchmark model.


Impressive Savings in India

Indian EV owners enjoy substantial savings, spending a mere $0.95 for every 100 kilometres. In stark contrast, countries such as Denmark and Italy impose costs of $7.49 for the same distance, positioning India as a frontrunner in percentage savings. EV drivers in the country experience an astounding 88.26% savings per kilometre.

Asia Leading the Way

Asia is emerging as a leader in affordable EV infrastructure, with Malaysia, the United Arab Emirates (UAE), and Vietnam also securing top positions in EV charging affordability. Argentina, however, reigns supreme in cost-effective EV charging, with drivers spending a mere $0.46 for every 100 kilometers. Argentinean EV drivers revel in substantial savings of 92.59% compared to traditional fuel vehicle users.

Remarkable Cost Efficiency

On average, charging an EV costs just one-third of the expense incurred when refuelling a petrol-driven vehicle. While EVs typically require an expenditure of around $3.23 for every 100 kilometres, their petrol counterparts can set drivers back at approximately $9.18.

India’s Promising Path

India’s high ranking in affordable EV charging and the significant savings it offers in comparison to traditional fuel vehicles underscore the nation’s strides toward a more sustainable and cost-effective future in transportation.

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