There’s a saying that nothing quite matches the acceleration of a diesel engine, but, unfortunately, diesel is gradually phasing out of the Indian market. This is the current situation we are witnessing in the automotive market. We recently had the opportunity to drive the Jeep Compass Diesel Automatic, specifically the Longitude Optional variant featuring a 9-speed automatic transmission. Continue reading this post for our initial impressions of the Compass.

Exterior Design of Jeep Compass Diesel Automatic

The Jeep Compass boasts an impressive design that will captivate any observer. With its commanding road presence, the vehicle will win the hearts of many people. The exterior design is simply stunning, particularly the front end. Notably, the car features a distinctive honeycomb grille and updated front headlights that are better than the headlights on the previous Compass model. The Longitude Optional variant comes equipped with sleek silver alloy wheels, while those desiring more sophisticated alloys can opt for higher trim levels. Additionally, the taillight design surpasses the front end’s aesthetics and enhances the vehicle’s overall appeal. For style-conscious buyers, the Jeep Compass is a genuine standout for its appearance.

Interior Design and Features of the Compass

Jeep compass interior
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For those seeking a modern interior design, the Jeep Compass offers an appealing choice. Inside the Longitude Optional variant, a spacious 10.25-inch touchscreen with connectivity for Android Auto and Apple CarPlay catches the eye. The Alpine Sound system, unfortunately, remains exclusive to the higher trim levels, so we can’t comment on its sound quality. Nevertheless, the 6-speaker system we tested delivers a fantastic listening experience. It’s worth noting that electric seat adjustments, available in higher variants, are absent in this one. The air conditioner is notably potent, ensuring a comfortably chilled cabin. The Longitude Optional variant stands out with its panoramic sunroof, which sunroof enthusiasts will appreciate. It’s worth mentioning that for its price, the Jeep Compass Longitude Optional could have offered more, considering the absence of features like ADAS and electric seats.

Drive Experience of Jeep Compass Diesel Automatic

We had the opportunity to drive the Diesel Automatic variant of the Compass, and it left a strong impression with its exceptional performance. It’s worth noting that the absence of a petrol option, which was previously available, is hardly a drawback given the Compass’s impressive acceleration in urban settings. In practical terms, not every driver constantly pushes for triple-digit speeds, making the Diesel engine an attractive choice. Just smash on the accelerator, and you’ll experience the impressive torque produced by the 2-liter Diesel engine, also found in the Meridian. It’s noteworthy that the Compass effectively mitigates vibrations, a concern that existed with the Meridian. The 9-speed Automatic transmission ensures seamless gear shifts, resulting in a smooth and jerk-free driving experience. Overall, the Compass’s Diesel engine makes a significant impression in the driving department.

Ride and handling

To provide a more comprehensive assessment of the ride quality, we need to test the Compass on rough roads. However, in terms of handling, the Compass left a lasting impression. It exudes a sense of authority and confidence while driving in the cities, thanks to its responsive steering wheel, which offers reassuring weight, enhancing the driving experience. We can confidently make this statement based on our experience behind the wheel. Additionally, we were impressed with the car’s braking responsiveness, which can prove crucial in avoiding unexpected obstacles, such as a dog suddenly crossing the road. The car’s suspension is well-balanced, which ensures a confident driving experience.

Safety Features on Longitude Optional Variant

We won’t delve into the NCAP rating, as the Indian model doesn’t have official NCAP ratings. However, the notable disappointment lies in the absence of side and curtain airbags, even with a price tag of Rs 30 lakhs for the car. Some perspective: even Hyundai vehicles offer six airbags as a standard feature. For the premium price, Jeep should include side airbags to justify the expense. While the Compass does come equipped with essential safety features such as TCS, ECS, Hill Hold Control, and Auto Hold function, it’s clear that the addition of six airbags and a 360-degree camera is a necessary enhancement for overall safety.

Some FAQs About the Compass

Q. Is Jeep Compass worth 30 lakhs?

Ans. Jeep Compass is a capable SUV but lacks on features to justify it’s price tag of Rs 30 lakhs in our opinion.

Q. Is Jeep Compass good or bad?

Ans. Those who need a powerful SUV with stellar road presence will definitely like the Compass.

Q. Is the Jeep Compass 4×4?

Ans. The Jeep Compass has options for both 4×2 and 4×4.

Q. Is Jeep Compass worth buying in 2023?

That depends on what a person expects from the car. If someone goes for off-roading then it’s a great SUV otherwise we don’t recommend Compass for its lack of features.

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