LC 500h Luxury Coupe Launched and Priced at INR 2.39 Crore in India

Lexus LC500H
Lexus LC500H

Lexus has announced the introduction of the new LC500H Luxury Coupe, featuring a range of high-end upgrades following the launch of Lexus’s fifth-generation RX on April 19 this year. The Lexus LC 500h receives notable enhancements to elevate its lifestyle quotient. These enhancements encompass various aspects, such as the introduction of an all-new Instrument Panel and a redesigned layout of the Center Console. The improvements in the new LC prioritize usability and comfort to provide an enhanced driving experience.

The high-end upgrades in the Lexus flagship LC 500h comprise of:

1. Instrument Panel/ Display shape changed: 

The Lexus LC500H Luxury Coupe features a changed Instrument Panel/Display shape. It adopts a 12.3-inch-wide touch-screen display and moves the display position 86 mm toward the rear of the vehicle. This adjustment enables seamless and intuitive touchscreen operation for a more natural user experience.

2. Centre Console Switch Layout:

Switches are arranged in a longitudinal layout, which enhances usability.

3. Ornamentation of passenger side instrument panel:

The passenger side ornamentation panel has been unified with the instrument panel upholstery, emphasizing the horizontal design theme.

4. Grill holding:

A shape integrating the camera cover has been used for a more compact size.

5. Metallic Alloys:

All new super gloss black metallic alloy wheel design with a 3D machined finish.

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Lexus has teamed up with – Abraham & Thakore to release limited edition jackets featuring custom designs inspired by Lexus. The design philosophy of the new LC, the Abraham & Thakore capsule collection titled Lexus Life, symbolizes the luxury of craft, the sustainability of design, and the beauty of the handmade is in line with Lexus’ Omotenashi principles of luxury and fulfilling guest needs.

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