Indians have witnessed the whopping success marked by Mahindra and Mahindra, after the recent launches of two indigenous built premium SUVs, XUV 700 and Bolero N. The buyers have gone insane, as the booking slots were out within minutes. Undoubtedly the amount of success Mahindra and Mahindra has inked through XUV 700 and Bolero N, is massive.

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Mahindra and Mahindra have levelled up their cars with world class safety features. The infusion of advanced technology by Mahindra in their cars is giving straight neck to neck competition to others automobile manufacturers domestically as well as internationally. Since, Mahindra and Mahindra have produced the best quality SUVs in the Indian market. Now it is eyeing on delivering the best electric cars under Mahindra occupancy.

Recently, a mega event held in London where Mahindra unveiled its new electric vehicle architecture INGLO (INDIAN GLOBAL). Under INGLO platform Mahindra is all set to dominate BEV (Battery electric vehicle) market with set of two new electric brands BE and XUV. In BE and XUV brands capacity, the Indian automaker will launch five new electric SUVs, namely XUV.e8, XUV.e9, BE.05, BE.07 and BE.09.

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The upcoming Mahindra electric cars is expected to be launched between the period 2024 to 2026. These will be top 5 electric cars from Mahindra which you will be experiencing in the upcoming years.

What is INGLO?

INGLO Indian Global platform formed under the Mahindra and Mahindra company a new revolution and a step towards producing and manufacturing best electric vehicles for Indians. The creation of new brands XUV and BE under which five new terrific Mahindra electric cars will be produced and we will witness them around the end of 2024 followed by the launch of three more SUVs under the same belt.

The company has claimed that the upcoming Mahindra electric cars under new platform namely INGLO has the induced potential of lightest skateboard platform. The lightest skateboard platforms have the ability to mould to high energy density batteries.

 Mahindra has decided to incorporate the Volkswagens MEB (Modular Electric Drive) platform components. Earlier this year both giant tech company exchange the talks over the topic for good reason to incorporate unique set of design.

Within INGLO platform Mahindra increased its focus on enhancing the dimensions and ground clearance of the SUVs. As the concern always hanged on ground clearance which is problem with most SUVs these days. Dimensions wise Mahindra decides to put the range of its SUVs size between 4368mm to 4375mm. Whereas you can experience ground clearance up to 218 mm maximum.

In terms of battery pack designs the new architecture will use standardized cell to pack technology. This technology uses both blade and prismatic cell structures which put less stress on energy density and supports fast charging ability. These cell structures are more reputed and safer from every aspect than NMC based cells.

Moreover, safety and handling dynamics will have upgraded instances in the new discovered platform. From safety point of view the ultra-high strength boron steel is used to protect the battery case hood which will distribute pressure to three different sections during frontal crash.

Semi -Active dampers will savours the riding experience by delivering a good set of balance across the four-suspension setup. Offering the holistic excellent driving and optimum handling exposure during terrain climbing or distressed off-roading.

The new INGLO platform has covered you from all aspects and undeniably will put best experience under your feet when you drive all new technology yourself.   

Electric Vision   

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Mahindra is definitely leading the market when it comes to SUVs due to their class ahead design and technology blessed cars, launched in last three consecutive years. Making it the successful company in producing the best SUVs in the Indian market.

But after witnessing such exponential success Mahindra has chosen to think one step ahead, ready for future technology with their game changing electric architecture that will redefine speed. This time consumers will behold the power and flexibility to choose their experience with different set of technologies awaiting on the other side of the loop.

Mahindra is the pioneer and one of the global leaders in this field and this time it has taken climate changes into considerations and prepare its technology to meet the future today. Yes, we are talking about Mahindra electric vehicles classified under two brands XUV and BE. Under which soon consumers will witness the most auspicious electric cars in the form of Sports Utility Vehicle.

Two Electric Brands: XUV and BE

Authentic yet futuristic. Yes, this phrase is actually meant to be true for the ones who love to live life beyond boundaries while making exemplary difference to their taste. Keeping futuristic design and class ahead technology in mind, Mahindra has unveiled its electric cars under two new electric brands XUV and BE.

The XUV will cap range of new electric vehicles adored with new design born of electric racing spirit. Aerodynamics and sophisticated structure will definitely set your heart throbbing with lightning speed.

While BE will comprise of exciting proportions, scintillating surfaces and eye-catching design with all muscle rogue power and comparatively will come with bolder design exaggerating the personality within you.

All this commendable technology you will experience under INGLO platform supported with Volkswagen MEB (Modular Electric Drive) matrix battery platform technology. A totally new initiative from the house of Mahindra to leave its undeterrable impression in the Indian electric vehicle market.

Modern and Heartcore design

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Mahindra and Mahindra believe in providing sheer and luxurious comfort to their consumers. And carrying forward this duty of legacy with inspirational eye-catching design, Mahindra has so much to offer in their best electric cars. You see design is an attitude which not only proves your prowess in your choices also makes the statement that has leaves an impression of unmissable presence.

Moreover, the compelling design will win your hearts statically at the very moment you see it. Since, Mahindra is the maker of these electric cars, safety is their prior priority, following the highest safety measures and norms with utmost duty.

The consumers are going to settle not lesser then a structural cage which is present on driver and passenger cabin, designed to protect the passenger from fatal accidents.

Battery Pack details and Claimed Range

The Indian automaker company Mahindra and Mahindra offers that their upcoming electric cars under new platform namely INGLO has the induced potential of lightest skateboard platform. This lightest skateboard platform has the ability to mould to high energy density batteries.

Significantly, Mahindra will go with common battery pack design used preferentially by Tata electric cars. The se common battery pack design is standard cell to pack technology batteries. It carries both blade and prismatic cell structures.

Moreover, Mahindra has decided to implement LFP chemistry which put less stress on energy density and are better option than NMC cells. Whereas size of the battery for Mahindra electric vehicles would be lying between 60-80 kWh.

You can charge your electric vehicles faster with 175 kW charger, letting you charge your car up to 80% in 30 minutes. The 80kW battery will let you discover 435 km to 460 km in one full charge. Well, you can race too because these electric vehicles complete 0-100 meters in 5-6 seconds.

Motors and powertrains options

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The mesmerizing new e-SUVs from the Mahindra electric cars collection with come with both rear drive and all-wheel drive options. As we all know the Mahindra is specialist in providing the muscle cars with maximum powertrains horse power and torque that makes it a beast.

The maximum output electric can wrench out from the front will be 109hp and 135 Nm torque while the rear will motor drag out 286hp and 560 Nm torque. On papers Mahindra claims that their AWD electric SUV will give 340 bhp to 394 bhp and rear drive models will provide 231bhp to 287 bhp.

Safety High Property  

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Safety was never ever issue with Mahindra cars whether it is recently launched XUV 700, Scorpio N or Bolero N Or old XUV line-up. Mahindra is the leading segment when it comes to safety of their consumers. Their build quality has earned the immense trust of their consumers.

With launching of Mahindra electric vehicles capped under brands XUV and BE, they are secured with high score generated under NCAP programs. Even Mahindra has claimed that INGLO platforms cars will play well under BNCAP and GNCAP too.

While in front part of the EVs, company has installed a technology having three load paths that will distribute the crash energy from the frontal area to three different sections. For the protection of battery ultra high boron steel is used. The Mahindra electric vehicles will be well equipped with ADAS system having L2+ autonomy.  

A Strategic Alliance – Shared parts with Volkswagen

The Volkswagen Group and Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd. (M&M) agreed the terms on a MOU (memorandum of Understanding) that Volkswagen group will provide with MEB electronic components to Mahindra for their upcoming new platform INGLO which will launch 5 new electric SUVs.

The treaty between two giant automobile manufacturers shares their intention to manufacture about one million units over the treaty. The equipment’s required MEB components which will be provided by German automakers Volkswagen Group for five all-electric SUVs.

Therefore, the two companies will explore further opportunities for collaboration, deepening the ties between two tech giants and exploring further beneficial opportunities to help each other with other kind technology.


Well Mahindra through revolutionary technology latest infused in their recent launches in successful XUV 700 and Bolero N has completely turned Indian consumers to buy indigenous built cars. Hereby with the upcoming electric cars Mahindra is all set to play their best cards in terms of features which is impossible to beat for their competitors like Tata electric cars.

Meanwhile be ready to witness INGLO platform based electric SUVs that are capable to outperform on every level- speed, efficiency, safety and adaptability.

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  • Thrill on tap

The all-wheel drive model in electric SUVs will have insane 250 kW power which cover 0-100 km/h in just 5-6 seconds.

  • Endless Modularity

In latest platform focused is derived on improved cabin space in terms of length, width, wheelbases and overhangs that create an SUV which fits your lifestyle perfectly.

  • Outstanding fast charging

The technology used in building the next generation E-SUVs will be using battery that will charge your electric vehicle up to 80% in less than 30 minutes.

  • World Class Safety

Testified with 5-Star Global NCAP ratings that occurred due to usage of ultra strong protection made of boron steel for the passenger cabin and battery tray.

Built for Efficiency

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Mahindra is known for its efficiency they put in their SUVs. And it is heartly known that Mahindra never compromise in providing safety and features in their cars. Now the words for the new Mahindra electric SUVs are out. There will be lot more you will see and experience in majestically powerful electric SUVs.

Built-in Superbrains

The upcoming Mahindra electric cars will be loaded with tons of features which will be in-built. This will include 3 integrated high output computers which runs over 5G technology. The cutting-edge technology will be helpful in performing micro services and over the air updates.

These magnificent e-SUVs are bombarded with Dual octa core processor that will provide HD resolution display on the screen. Upcoming Mahindra electric cars will be embedded with Augmented Reality (AR) based Head-Up Display (HUD) system which will show driver information on windscreen.  

Market Debut

In the mega event held in London, Mahindra expressed that their new set of 5 electrifying electric SUVs will hit the road between 2024 to 2026, where XUV.e8 will be surfaced on road by December 2024 whereas we will see XUV.e9 to hit the sale in 2025. Along with XUV.e9, the Mahindra is expected to launch BE.05 by 2025 and BE.07 scheduled in 2026. But there is no confirmation on release date of Mahindra BE.09 as of now.  

Wrapping Up

This is end of this segment, we hope you liked the detailed information on upcoming launches of electric SUVs from Mahindra and Mahindra.


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