Anything that comes on four wheels is that sleek metal-looking body that ignites a spark in automobile enthusiasts. If those four wheels come with German engineering then no doubt Germans are the backbone of the luxury car market. Taking ownership of Mercedes-Benz would be a dream but it’s also important to understand how well a Mercedes can create an impression. The sedan that’s an example of a budget luxury car is the Mercedes C-Class. Want to know if the Mercedes C200 petrol can ignite a spark of driving? Here is the first impression after driving the luxury car.

Mercedes C-Class Exterior Design

Mercedes C200 petrol
Image Source: Abhiraj Jit

Mercedes C-Class is an example of a German sedan with stellar looks that attracts a lot of attention. Those who care about the road presence should surely get their hands on the C-Class. A lot of things have improved in terms of looks in the current generation of the C-Class over the previous generation. The older one was stylish but the new one is also a diamond.

Mercedes c200 Petrol
Image Source: Abhiraj Jit

The most appealing thing on the exterior of the C-Class is the use of chrome on the exterior of the car which gives it a premium look. A person who gets attracted to premium cars will fall in love with the styling of the C-Class. Anyone who once becomes a Mercedes lover forever remains a Mercedes lover. There are no request sensors on the outside which is a little bit of cost-cutting. This is something most people will ignore because of the level of luxury of the C-Class.

Image Source: Abhiraj Jit

If there is something that looks imposing then surely the taillights of the current model are just stellar in design. One couldn’t just stop stirring at the design because of the way it attracts a lot of attention.

Mercedes C200 Petrol Interior Design

Image Source: Abhiraj Jit

This luxury gives the feeling that those sitting inside the car are VIPs. Those who want to feel like a VIP will love the interior design of the sedan. It now gets a fully digital instrument cluster and also a large vertical touchscreen on the inside. One thing that’s quite basic is the three-spoke steering wheel design of the car. The AMG model gets the S-Class-inspired steering that looks more futuristic in comparison to the standard variant of the C Class.

Image Source: Abhiraj Jit

Mercedes does offer several interior choices that depend on the choice of exterior shade a customer would prefer for this car. Just get the C Class if you are amongst those who want a chauffeur to everyday drive the car. This luxury sedan gives a VIP feeling at the rear because of the massive headroom and legroom on offer. One would never feel claustrophobic inside the C Class because of the massive window areas to make the cabin feel open.

Mercedes C200 Petrol Drive Impressions

Image Source: Mercedes-Benz India

The Mercedes C Class is the best option for those who want to sit back and relax in the rear cabin. This car gives a feeling that passengers are present inside the hybrid car. A hybrid car is all about refinement and surely the petrol engine feels quite nice in that aspect. Those who are looking for a driver’s car will surely not prefer the petrol variant because the engine is refined but it’s not very enthusiastic like a BMW car. A car enthusiast would any day prefer a 3-series over the C Class for performance. There is no feeling of torque rush inside the C Class as the focus is more towards a smooth driving experience. Gear shifting is quite smooth and there are no jerks inside the car.

Mercedes C Class Ride and handling

Image Source: Mercedes-Benz India

We haven’t tested the ride quality but the handling of the car is not very underconfident. The steering wheel of the car is lighter as per the city speeds and also offers decent body control. There is no understeer until a person is mostly driving in the cities. If someone is driving in the city limits then surely body roll doesn’t exist on the C-Class. We will tell about the high-speed handling when will get to drive the car on the highways. It’s not safe to rev cars at higher speeds in cities so we tested only in the city limits. The brakes also have a decent braking response when we drove the C200 petrol for the first time.

Features of the C200

  • ParkTronic Parking assistant
  • Active brake assist
  • Mercedes Me Connect system
  • 64-colour ambient lightning
  • Natural Voice commands
  • Dynamic select driving modes
  • Panoramic Sunroof
  • Electric sunblinds
  • 7-airbags

Hoping that this post will help you make a better buying decision.  Do let us know in the comments what’s your opinion on the C Class.



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