FY 2023 ended on a positive note for MG, they recorded one of the highest sales in March 2023 with 6k units. MG INDIA reported that it is their highest-ever monthly unit sales. The sales data from February and March 2022 and 2023, speaks volumes.

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Let’s have a look at MG Sales in March 2023.

Mar 2023 vs 
% Growth
March 2023 6,051 Mar 2022 (Yoy) 28.17
March 2022 4,721 Feb 2023 (MoM) 44.31
February 2023 4,193


March 2023 recorded massive sales of about 6051 units for the first time. If we compare that with March 2022, 28.17% of growth has been recorded. On comparing it to February 2023, there has been a growth of about 44.31% and it has shown an increase in the volumes by 1858 units. 


Q1 2023 vs 
% Growth
Q1 2023 14,358 Q1 2022 (Yoy) 5.92
Q1 2022 13,555 Q4 2022 (QoQ) 16.31
Q4 2022 12,345


If we talk about the quarterly stats of the sales, then there also we witness that the sales have been on a positive trend. It’s a likely recipe for success and they’re cooking up a storm in the market. The Q1 of 2023 recorded a growth of about 5.92 % as compared to the Q1 of 2022. The QoQ growth has also been on the positive side, having a 16.31% growth over the Q4 with an increase in the volume of sales by 2,013 units


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