Ola Electric’s S1 Series Achieves Remarkable Milestone: Over 75,000 Bookings in 2 Weeks

ola S1 AirThe New S1 Series Surpasses Expectations

Ola Electric’s latest S1 series has exceeded all expectations with an astounding reception in the market. Within a remarkably short span of just two weeks since its launch, the rejuvenated S1 lineup has managed to secure a staggering  75,000 bookings. This exceptional response speaks volumes about the resonance of these electric scooters with the public.

Variety and Appeal: The Diverse S1 Lineup

A Range of Options Tailored to Individual Preferences

The S1 series offers a diverse selection of variants, each tailored to cater to unique powertrain requirements and feature preferences. Notably, Ola Electric unveiled the S1X model in three distinct variants – S1 X+, S1 X (2kWh), and S1 X (3kWh). These models offer varying powertrains and battery capacities, providing consumers with choices that suit their needs.

Unveiling the S1X: A Glimpse into Innovation

Cutting-edge features and Superior Performance

Ola Electric’s S1X model stands out as a beacon of innovation. Boasting a robust 6kW motor and powered by either a 2kWh or 3kWh battery, the S1X models deliver impressive ranges of up to 151km and top speeds of 90kph. The S1 X+ is set to grace the roads next month, while the S1 X (3kWh) and S1 X (2kWh) are scheduled for delivery in December, promising enhanced options for eco-conscious consumers.

Next-Gen S1 Pro: Defining Evolution

Elevating Performance and Comfort

The introduction of the second-generation S1 Pro signifies a major leap forward for Ola Electric. Priced at Rs 1.48 lakh, this model boasts significant upgrades, including a conventional telescopic fork and a flat floorboard. With a remarkable IDC range of 195km and a top speed of 120 kph, the S1 Pro is a testament to Ola Electric’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of electric vehicle technology.

Ola Electric’s Vision: A Green Future

Supporting India’s Electrification Leadership

An official spokesperson for Ola Electric expressed their elation at the overwhelming demand for the new S1 lineup. The company is dedicated to supporting India’s leadership in electrification and is advancing with a clear vision. With an impressive range of scooters, including the S1 Pro, S1 X portfolio, and the recent addition of the S1 Air, Ola Electric is paving the way for a future where traditional internal combustion engine (ICE) products are no longer the primary choice.

In Conclusion, Ola Electric’s S1 series has not only captured the market’s attention but also showcased the potential of electric vehicles to redefine the automotive landscape. With its range of options, cutting-edge features, and unwavering commitment to sustainability, Ola Electric is undoubtedly driving the transition towards a greener future.



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