The Nissan GT-R, a renowned supercar, left an indelible mark on the Indian market. While the country’s road infrastructure may not have provided optimal conditions for experiencing its full potential, there were numerous reasons why the Nissan GT-R became a beloved masterpiece among automotive enthusiasts in India.

1. A Supercar with a Captivating Design

Nissan GTR
The Nissan GT-R has a captivating design

Have you ever wondered what’s the most fascinating thing about the GT-R? The answer is the captivating design due to which it had a stronger road presence. This car just looks stellar in a way that grabs a lot of eyeballs. Nissan GT-R is a perfect example of a supercar with a gorgeous design. There is no doubt that people will fall in love with the design of this beast.

2. Charismatic V6 Engine of the Nissan GT-R

Nissan GTR
The V6 engine of the Nissan GT-R has brutal acceleration on offer

For those who aren’t car enthusiasts, their attention is often drawn to the appearance and features of a car. However, those who truly appreciate the value of a supercar recognize the extraordinary V6 engine that powers the Nissan GT-R. Many celebrities who own this remarkable vehicle admire its exhilarating performance. Anyone with a passion for anything on wheels would undoubtedly be captivated by this stunning supercar, which possesses an inherent spirit of driving. Equipped with twin turbos, the GT-R takes driving pleasure to new heights. The addition of turbos plays a crucial role in enhancing the engine’s combustion rate, thereby extracting the best possible performance from the car. To unleash even more excitement on the tracks, multiple turbos are preferred. It’s worth noting that the engine of the GT-R is meticulously handcrafted, a testament to the exceptional skill and expertise of the assembly team, which collectively boasts over a century of experience.

3. The Epic Pricing of the car

The GT-R is a car that’s just astonishing in its price

Nissan knows the game very well in the segment of supercars. Many people will buy the same car that’s cheaper than the rivals. The GT-R rivals the likes of the sports cars like the Porsche 911 and the BMW M8. Its main reason for being the best is the pricing against the rivals. Those who need lots of fun at a lesser premium can get the new GT-R.

4. Less Coefficient Of Drag of the Nissan GT-R

Image Source: Nissan Middle East

Ferraris and Lamborghinis have long captivated us with their sleek aerodynamic designs. While Ferrari cars are known for their impressive speed, it may come as a surprise that the Nissan GT-R actually surpasses the Ferrari 488 GTB in terms of aerodynamics. Nissan has truly crafted a masterpiece, defying expectations with a supercar that boasts exceptional aerodynamic performance. The GT-R challenges the notion that a boxy-looking car would fall behind in aerodynamics, showcasing its ability to prioritize both handling and achieving higher speeds. This remarkable fact only adds to the allure of this charismatic machine.

5. A Perfect Daily Driver

Image source:

Nissan rebranded the GT-R in the current generation by removing the Skyline name, emphasizing its suitability as a daily driver. The brand actively claimed that they made adjustments to the suspension, softening it to enhance the car’s daily usability. Additionally, they introduced a returned gearbox in the R35 model to reduce jerks and create a smoother driving experience. Unlike previous Skyline GT-R generations that prioritized track performance, the GT-R R35 now caters to individuals in need of a practical supercar. Nissan’s decision to remove the Skyline name reflects their increased focus on creating a daily driving experience with the GT-R.

7. Drivetrain of the Godzilla

Image Source:

The GT-R gained a lot of popularity by the name of Godzilla. Another interesting fact about the supercar is that it’s the fastest production 4-seater that could achieve 0-100 kmph in just 2.8 seconds. There is already equal weight distribution on the car due to the transmission mounted at the rear. Nissan doesn’t use conventional drivetrain like Ford Mustang and Chevrolet Cameo to achieve equal weight distribution and better grip on rear tyres.

Hoping that you liked our post on the legendary supercar. Should Nissan bring this legend back to production? Feel free to comment ably your opinions on the car.


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