Okinawa Okhi 90 was launched in June 2022 in India, with a whopping price of about Rs. 1.45 Lakhs (ex-showroom). With a wide variety of colours in the lineup, it is the flagship model in Okinawa. Okhi 90 comes with unique styling, the alloys grab the massive attraction. delivers outstanding range and excellent performance with smartphone connectivity and a portable battery that lives on and on. So let us have a look at what the styling says.


The design of the Okinawa Okhi 90 is kind of modern and unique in its segment. It is one of the biggest-looking electric scooters in the segment. The presence of bold LED headlamps, small cute DRLs, and indicators connected with a silver line. What is the difference point, are the massive 16 inches of alloy.

The length of the scooter is more than 2 meters and the seat height is more than 750 meters. The ORVMs present are in a circular shape which makes it feel more old school and the visibility is also good from those. 

If we talk about the storage spaces, then there is a cubby hold present on the other side which is decent enough in the storage. The footboard area is kind of less as compared to the other scooters in the segment. Due to its 805 mm seat height, it gives a much more commanding position as compared to the other electric scooters. 

When we think about inserting the key, then for the surprise there is a knob that is rotated to turn on the scooty and it gets a keyless entry on offer. 

The grab handles at the rear are huge, which can easily accommodate a 3rd pillion or it can carry an ample amount of luggage. The rear wheel gets a 120-section tire with a disc brake. The tail lamps are also LED units and the design is a unique pattern in itself. The main attraction is grabbed by the 16-inch wheels which make it look macho and muscular. 


Now let us talk about the functions and the buttons present on both sides. On the left side, we get the buttons for light adjustment and horn and indicators. The weird part is that the horn button is placed above the indicator control which is kind of a unique and nice touch. On the right, we get a button for sports and the eco mode. We will talk about the modes later when we’ll share the experience of the riding part. 

The under-seat storage is a factor that is taken into account because that is a place that is majority used for storing helmets and small nicknacks. The storage is ample enough and can easily take a full-sized helmet. 


Now let us talk about the riding experience. The OKHI 90 is powered by a 3800 Watt mid-drive motor, which comes with a detachable battery of 3.6 kWh Lithium-ion. The claimed range by the company is about 150-160 km but in real life, it would return about 100-125 km without any hesitation. 

The top speed is limited to 100 km/h and talking about the sports mode and the eco mode, the sports mode is more aggressive in delivering the performance which makes quick overtaking very easy. The eco mode delivers the power in a more subtle manner. 

Now talking about the comfort part, the suspensions are on the softer side which makes the riding experience plush and comfy. The disc brakes on the front and rear provide excellent braking performance, and the E-ABS improves braking and regenerative power. 


The Okinawa OKHI 90 comes with a 3.6 kWh battery which is detachable. So the charging time required for a full charge is about 5-7 hours and there is an auto-cut that stops the charging after 100%, hence improving the battery life. 



The price of the Okhi 90 starts from Rs. 1.86 Lakhs (ex-showroom) which is quite high when compared to other scooty. But what makes the difference is the style and the range it provides on a single charge. 100-125 km of the range is ample enough in city conditions and with the advancements in the infrastructure of EV networks, one can surely go for the electric scooter. 


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