Are you looking for an eco-friendly and budget-friendly commuting solution? Look no further than the Ola S1 Air, the latest offering from Ola Electric. Boasting a 3 kWh battery pack and a range of 125 km, this electric scooter is setting a new standard for affordable and sustainable urban transport.

Ola S1 Air

The Ola S1 Air: Embracing Sustainability

Ola Electric has once again impressed the market with its commitment to sustainability and innovation. The S1 Air, powered by a 3 kWh battery pack, makes daily commuting eco-friendly and cost-effective. With zero tailpipe emissions, this e-scooter contributes to a cleaner environment while ensuring a smooth and quiet ride.

Impressive Performance

Equipped with a 6 BHP electric motor, the Ola S1 Air delivers a seamless and dynamic riding experience. It can reach a top speed of 85 km/h, making it an ideal choice for both city commutes and short intercity journeys. Say goodbye to traffic jams and embrace the joy of riding.

Long-lasting Battery Life


Ola S1 Air Mileage
Ola S1 Air Mileage

Worried about running out of juice during your daily errands? The 3 kWh battery pack provides an impressive range of 125 km on a single charge. Whether it’s a quick trip to the grocery store or a daily commute to the office, this e-scooter ensures you stay on the move without any range of anxiety.

Design for Convenience

The S1 Air is designed with rider comfort and convenience in mind. Its conventional telescopic fork at the front and twin rear shock absorbers ensure a smooth and stable ride, even on uneven city roads. The flat floorboard offers ample space for your legs, allowing for a relaxed and stress-free ride.

Safety First

With safety being a top priority, Ola Electric equipped the S1 Air with a reliable braking system featuring drums at both ends. This ensures consistent and effective braking performance, giving riders the confidence they need while maneuvering through busy streets.

Smart Features for Modern Riders

Ola S1 Air 7.1 inch touchscreen

S1 Air comes with a 7-inch touchscreen instrument console, offering seamless smartphone connectivity. Stay connected on the go, access navigation assistance, and keep track of essential information right at your fingertips.

Ride Modes to Suit Your Style

Whether you prefer an energy-efficient ride or crave a more exhilarating experience, the Ola S1 Air has you covered. It offers three ride modes: Eco, Normal, and Sport, catering to different riding preferences and optimizing battery usage for extended trips.

Ola S1 Colors

This Electric Scooter is available in six eye-catching color options: Stellar Blue, Neon, Porcelain White, Coral Glam, Liquid Silver, and Midnight Blue. Riders can choose a color that matches their personality and style, ensuring they make a statement wherever they go.

Introductory Offer: Grab It Now

The Ola S1 Air is currently available at a special introductory price of Rs. 1,09,999 until July 30, 2023. After this period, the price will be revised to Rs. 1,19,999. Don’t miss out on this fantastic deal to own a cutting-edge electric scooter at an unbeatable price!

In conclusion, the Ola S1 Air is a game-changer in the electric scooter market. With its eco-friendly features, impressive performance, and affordable pricing, it offers a compelling package for eco-conscious riders. Embrace the future of urban mobility with the Ola S1 Air – your ticket to a greener and more exciting way of commuting. Book yours now and ride towards a sustainable future!

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