Talk about innovation, huh! Like PPE Kits For Cars, Tata Motors is definitely on their best game right now. Just when we thought that this stupid pandemic has ruined everything, Tata Motors came up with a unique, innovative solution. (Almost makes us want to say that Paul Rudd Meme “Hey look at us. Who would have thought? Not me, not me”)

Everyone is rushing around; scared of the pandemic, and honestly, at this time, no one is thinking about buying a new car (I mean most of us).  And because Tata Motors care a lot about our safety (and their sales), they came up with this new plan

Honestly, whoever came up with this idea deserves a pat on the back. PPE kits for cars? Wow, just Wow. We are all shook at this moment.

A while ago, PPE kits for humans sounded so funny, but now we have PPE kits for cars. It’s amazing how the brains of some people work!

Source: Hindustan Times

So, what is the news here?

Well, one of our favourite companies, Tata Motors has come up with an innovative like PPE Kits For Cars and really unique plan. Their plan is to deliver their Tata Cars, which will be fully sanitized and packed inside bubble wraps, so as to ensure the full safety of the customers, amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

 Source: AutoX

Tata Motors has shared a few examples of their initiative of PPE Kits For Cars India on their social media handles. In the pictures, one can clearly see that the Tata Cars are inside the ‘Safety Bubble’ before the cars are handed over to the respective buyers.

A few days ago, Tata Motors also shared the images and videos of the PPE Kit India initiative on their Twitter account. They said that this bubble wrap will protect the new cars by shielding them from germs while the customers buy them.

Tata Motors is really way ahead of its game. Did you know that in August Tata Motors launched a wide range of hygiene and health care accessories? In order to keep up this “trend” of ensuring the safety of their customers at all times, these accessories and PPE Kits For Cars were specifically designed, keeping in mind, to provide the car buyers in India with the utmost and an extra level of safety.

The products in the PPE Kit Car include an Air-o-Pure 95 Air Purifier, Air-o-Pure 95 Air Filter and Health and Pro Sanitization Kit. Tata Motors claims that the Air-o-Pure 95 Air Purifier comes with an Active Carbon HEPA filter and UV-C light that helps to improve the air quality, and removes the volatile organic compounds along with the virus and bacteria. Additionally, it filters out all the hazardous smoke.

The Air-o-Pure 95 Air Filter is capable enough to filter out the bacteria and viruses that are up to 0.3 microns, hence improving the overall quality of the in-cabin air and also saving their customer’s respiratory disorders and allergic reactions.

This air purifier can easily be fitted inside the cup holder slot in all the Tata cars. But, as of now, the air filter can only be installed in Tata Nexon and Tata Harrier. The Sanitization kit includes a hand sanitizer, a few N95 masks, a pair of hand gloves, a safety touch key, a tissue box, a mist diffuser, etc.

Source: 91 Wheels 

The company, in April, had launched its digital and contactless buying program called ‘Click to Drive’ while the nation was in its first phase of the lockdown. This program was mainly aimed to provide the prospective customers with an option to easily buy the Tata Cars from the company, just by using digital means.

Apart from that, Tata Motors also integrated about 750 outlets across India into a single online platform, while offering the option to buyers to get their new cars delivered at their doorsteps.

The PPE Kit Tata Driver can be ensured with full safety, thanks to the PPE Kits that are provided by Tata Motors. These accessories, which are claimed to be available across the Tata Motors outlets all over the country, are designed specifically to provide the car owners with an extra level of safety for their existing and new Tata cars.

Even though Tata motors had already set up their program, which included thoroughly sanitizing all their vehicles before delivering them to the respective buyers, they came up with an amazing idea as of late November.

In a series of pictures posted on their social media handle, Tata Motors has now added an extra layer of protection, wrapping the new vehicles in a plastic safety bubble to ensure minimal physical contact to the customers when they arrive at the dealership to pick up their tata cars.

We really like this idea of the safety bubble. In the pictures tweeted by Tata Motors’ account, one can clearly see that the “safety bubble” is in the form of a plastic wrap, inside which the car is. This bubble will ease up the tata car delivery and the PPE kit tata Driver won’t have any human contact while getting their car. This contact-less delivery will drastically reduce the chances of catching the virus.

This new idea comes under the initiative of Tata Motors that was started in August 2020 called ‘Sanitized.’ Not just the tata car delivery, this initiative will also cover other aspects like deep cleaning and sanitizing the cars, along with reducing the direct physical human contact with the new cars. As per their statement, this Tata “safety bubble” will also be seen in more Tata dealerships in the upcoming days

Recently, the company had also launched a facelift for their cars, namely the Tiago, Tigor, and Nexon. Not just that, the company also upgraded all of its cars so as to comply with the new BSVI norms. Initially, Tata Motors had planned that they will launch their brand new 7-seater car, SUV Gravitas, but due to some supply disruptions(thanks to the pandemic0, they had to push the launch to early 2021.

Talking about this bubble wrap, the company has claimed that apart from just sanitizing the car and handing over the keys to their respective owners. Their new method will ensure that all the cars are protected from germs while the car waits for the new buyer at its dealership.

Source: Twitter

There is no doubt in the fact that the auto industry in the nation has had a pretty miserable year, with their sales dipping at fast rates. And then, thanks to this COVID-19 global pandemic, things just got out of their hands. It was like the last nail in the coffin.

But even in this pandemic, most of the companies, like Tata Motors came up with new, innovative ideas, to give back to society. Thanks to their fight against the COVID-19 pandemic. we can easily buy new products because they ensure our full safety.

From designing and building PPE Kits and providing monetary and humanitarian support, Tata Motors has really won our hearts this time!

It is true that you can never be too careful and the only thing that’s constant is change. With this global Covid-19 pandemic, our lives have turned upside down as we know it for the foreseeable future. While many of us are forced to stay and work at home, the businesses still have bills to pay, and cars to sell. 

In order to keep everyone safe, Tata Motors has come up with a great initiative and their idea of providing customers with their cars in plastic safety bubbles, to minimize the spread of Covid-19, is just a cherry on the top.

We don’t know when our lives can return back to normal; it’s really great to see these amazing ideas that are helping us get back to normal. Even though this safety bubble has been used in the car industry before, it is still amazing to see the wrap repurposed as a barrier for the virus.

If only it would be possible to drive around the cars in that shield, haha! But it is a great initiative by Tata Motors. We like and appreciate how they keep the safety of their customers as their number one priority, while also ensuring that they make enough sales. We just want to say “Great Job, Tata Motors”!



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