Accelerated Delivery: Mahindra XUV700 Targets Reduced Waiting Periods to Gain Edge Over Rivals in India

The Mahindra XUV700 has emerged as a highly successful product in India, owing to its robust petrol and diesel engine options and a range of appealing features. However, Mahindra faced significant challenges, such as the shortage of semiconductor chips, during the car’s launch.

This shortage resulted in extended waiting periods for customers. To address this issue, Mahindra introduced a new variant called the AX7 Smart in India, which allowed customers to receive their cars in a more timely manner. However, this variant lacked advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS). Recently, Mahindra has managed to reduce the waiting periods for the XUV700 in India compared to 2021.

Image Source: Mahindra

Mahindra has disclosed that they are currently facing a significant backlog of orders for their SUVs in India, including pending deliveries of the ScorpioN and the Thar models. This backlog has been exacerbated by extended waiting periods due to border tensions between India and China. Despite these challenges, the Mahindra XUV700 has reached a notable production milestone of 1 lakh units since its introduction in India.

Image Source: Rushlane. 

Efforts to Reduce Delays Continue, Production Capacity to be Increased in 2024

Mahindra XUV700’s higher variants like AX7 and AX7L still face a 9-month waiting period despite efforts to reduce it, but it’s an improvement from the previous 13-month wait. Mahindra has made progress in shortening the waiting period by 2-4 months depending on the variant, but some customers have cancelled their bookings due to the extended delays. In 2024, Mahindra plans to increase production capacity from 60,000 units to 1 lakh units in India, aiming to significantly decrease waiting times and provide customers with a smoother buying experience.


Will you guys consider the XUV700 over the rivals if you get the SUV quicker than before in terms of waiting? Feel free to write your opinions in the comments section.

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