The trend is shifting from Sedan Sales in November to SUVs, globally now. A lot of manufacturers have already started manufacturing SUVs now. The competition is really enraged between the two now.

But even with the changing trends, there are some manufacturers who still make sedans that the customers have always loved. 

Sedan sales in the month of November 2020 remained quite flat even after an eventful festive season. The total sales in this sedan grew by 2.31 %, which means up to 31,302 units, as compared to 30,595 units sold in the same month of 2019. 

The total sales of sedan reached 8,163 units in the past month, as compared to 6,285 units sold in November 2019. 

Even though the sales in October 2020 were one of the best that the Indian auto sector had seen ever since the COVID-19 pandemic struck in March but sales in the post-festive period have noted some cooling off. 

At present, Honda City is the best selling midsize sedan. Honda has sold over 3,523 units of its Honda City sedan all across India in November 2020.

Source: times now

So earlier this year, Honda Cars India launched their all-new 5th generation City sedan in the market. People loved the car so much that this New Generation City was able to make a huge difference in the sale so much so that now it accounts for about 44 percent of the market share in this segment. (WOAH!)

If we compare the numbers to November 2019, Honda sold around 2,023 units more this year. Amazing, isn’t it?

Did you know that Honda City recorded a growth of 135 percent in November 2020? Well, yes Honda City managed to take the lead by a HUGE margin. 

The second position is taken by Ciaz and then followed by Maruti Suzuki, which sold only 1,870 units in November 2020.

Source: India Tv news

After Honda launched its brand new City in July 2020, it received an overwhelming response from customers ever since. It is an all-new vehicle and is entirely different from its older generation. Now even though this all-new City looks a lot similar to its baby Civic, it offers a LOT more features than its earlier version. This brand new Honda City has new LED headlamps, dual-function DRLs and LED taillights at the rear.

The new, fifth-generation Honda City is much longer and wider than the fourth-generation City. It has more space on the inside. My favourite feature about this car is that it supports Amazon’s Alexa. So thanks to this feature, you can now easily turn on the AC, lock, unlock the boot just by using voice commands. (Alexa, turn on the AC). You can even turn on your car using this feature. Amazing, righttt?

But wait. The amazing features do not end here. Honda City even offers a multi-function steering wheel, a touch screen infotainment screen, an electric sunroof, automatic climate control and what not!. It is available with both diesel and petrol options.

Apart from Honda City, the Nexa Ciaz managed to hog the 2nd by selling  1,870 units. Maruti’s Ciaz also recorded a 29% YoY increase and jumped to the second spot in the list. It overtook the New Verna in Nov’2020

Source: India today

If you consider the sedan sales that were made in November 2020, you can clearly see the Maruti Suzuki DZire commanded this list with a total of 13,536 units sold. This was a 23.35 percent de-growth as against 17,659 units sold in the same month of the previous year even as the DZire commanded a 43.24 percent market share. Honda Amaze ranked number 2 by making its sales up 43.21 %  to 4,706 units in November 2020, an increase of 1,420 units as compared to 3,286 units sold in Nov 2019.

Currently grasping a 15.03 % market share, the Honda Amaze sub 4-meter sedan also received a Special Edition variant in October that is based on the mid-spec S trim.

So to sum it all up, in the month of November 2020, the C segment Sedan made the highest sales, as compared to the others.

While the C segment sales remained strong, all the other segments faced overall sales de-growth.

The compact sedans had the lead in overall sales

Compact Sedan Sales September 2020

As compared to September 2019, the Compact Sedan sales September 2020 has recorded a YoY growth after a long time and it grew by around 7 percent.

The leader in September 2020 was Maruti Dzire in this particular segment. Maruti Dzire managed to sell around 14,000 units.

Source: Economic Times

But that being said, it was the ONLY model in the particular segment that recorded a dip in YoY sales. The main reasons for this dip are the exclusion of diesel engines and lost sales in the Taxi segment. They have harshly affected the overall volumes of the Maruti Dzire model.

The second best selling model in this segment was Honda Amaze. Honda Amaze was also Honda’s best-selling car for the month of September 2020. Apart from this, in September, Honda Amaze also managed to register its highest sales as compared to the past 7 months and it managed to grow 12% YoY

Source: Economic Times

Unfortunately, Hyundai failed to show any signs of giving away volumes in the segment. The model sales grew 234% YoY which was the highest in this segment!

Tata Motors discovered the Compact Sedan segment with Indigo CS. But its presence in the segment remained minimal. 

Tiago managed to cross over 1400 units of sales and improved 91 YoY

Sedan Sale September 2020

The list of Sedan sales in September 2020 clearly showed that there are still some people who still opt for cars that have the traditional body style and that sedans still have a place in the Indian market.

Maruti Suzuki Dzire led the way in the compact sedan’s list and managed to be quite far away from its competition, even though it had a sales decline. Maruti Suzuki Dzire sold 13,988 units in September 2020.

Next up on the list is Amaze from Honda. Around 5416 customers drove this car all the way to their homes

The next one is the Aura/Xcent duo that sold about 3882 units and witnessed a mammoth 234 % sales growth. 

Source: Amarujala

Tata’s Tigor sold 1406 units and saw around 91 percent growth 

Source: India Today

Then comes Ford’s Aspire which sold 539 units, saw a 12 percent growth, round-up the segment sales.

Honda City again leads the C-segment sedan’s list and managed to make sales worth 2709 units with a growth of 49 percent in September 2020 as opposed to September 2019.

In the C-segment sedans, Hyundai’s Verna ranked second in the September 2020 sedan sales list and managed to sell 2228 times over with a 28 percent growth.

Only Honda City and Hyundai Verna were the only two cars that managed to sell more than 2000 units, while the rest of the cars had a dismal outing. 

Source: News 18

The Honda Civic stayed way ahead of its competitors

Now, let’s move on to the D-segment sedan. This segment of Sedan had a fiasco this September because the sales slid down drastically overall as compared to the year 2019. Unfortunately, the segment D failed to lure in more buyers, 

Skoda managed to shift more units of its Superb, as compared to Toyota with its Camry

Additionally, the Czech car reported a 45 % growth.

So, to sum it all up:

The sales in September improved in the compact and the C-segments sedan but unfortunately, the numbers in the D segment and the luxury segment dropped. 

Maruti Dzire made the best sales as compared to all of the sedans on sale in the country. India’s largest segments in the terms of volumes were Compact Hatchbacks. These ones contributed to over 24% of the cars sold in India! It managed to record one of the highest YoY growths in September 2020 and clearly showed how the first time car buyers were more interested in purchasing the compact hunchbacks over any other entry-level of hunchbacks.

Surprisingly, the Compact segment of SUV that previously ranked 4th in August 2020 had managed to shoot up to be India’s SECOND largest segment! This happened after the launch of Kia Sonet, which just catapulted the segment volumes and it managed to sell more than the likes of the Mid SUVs. It also managed to grow 42% YoY

The Premium Hatchback segment overtook the Mid SUV segment and was ranked the third-largest segment and contributed around 14% of the passenger car sales in India for September 2020.

The Mid SUV matched the Industry YoY growth and ranked 4th. But it was ahead of the other entry-level hatchbacks by ONLY 552 units.



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