Škoda Auto India, renowned for its 5-star-safe vehicles, introduces the all-new Škoda Kushaq Matte Edition. As the top-selling car in the Škoda lineup, the Kushaq has enjoyed tremendous popularity since its launch in July 2021. With the Matte Edition, Škoda Auto India aims to provide discerning customers with an enhanced and distinctive aesthetic, blending a matte finish with glossy black and chrome elements. Limited to just 500 units, this variant offers exclusivity to its owners. Let’s delve into the exciting features and specifications of the Škoda Kushaq Matte Edition.

Eye-catching Matte Aesthetics:

The highlight of the Kushaq Matte Edition is its striking Carbon Steel shade with a matte finish, which lends a unique and premium look to the vehicle. Complementing the matte body, the ORVMs, door handles, and rear spoiler are finished in glossy black, creating a stylish contrast. In contrast, the grille, trunk garnish, and window garnish of the Kushaq Matte Edition feature chrome elements, which contribute to an added touch of elegance.

Enhanced Features and Infotainment:

The Matte Edition retains the impressive features of the Kushaq lineup. It comes equipped with a 25.4 cm infotainment system, which incorporates Škoda Play Apps and Wireless SmartLink functionality, allowing seamless integration with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. This enables occupants to enjoy their favourite apps, music, and navigation effortlessly. Additionally, the Škoda Sound System, consisting of six high-performance speakers and a subwoofer, delivers a captivating audio experience.

Engine and Transmission Options:

Buyers of the Kushaq Matte Edition can choose between two engine configurations: the 1.0 TSI and the 1.5 TSI. Additionally, the Kushaq Matte Edition offers two engine options to cater to different driving preferences. The 1.0 TSI engine strikes a balance between power and efficiency, providing a smooth and economical driving experience. On the other hand, the 1.5 TSI engine delivers a more exhilarating and dynamic performance, appealing to those seeking a spirited drive on the road. Transmission options include a 6-speed manual, a 6-speed automatic, and a 7-speed DSG, ensuring that drivers can select the one that suits their preferences and driving style.

Limited Edition Exclusivity:

With only 500 units available, the Kushaq Matte Edition offers exclusivity to its owners. Positioned between the flagship Style and niche Monte Carlo variants, this special edition caters to customers seeking a distinctive and head-turning SUV.

Superior Safety and Crash Test Ratings:

The Kushaq Matte Edition upholds Škoda’s commitment to safety, achieving a remarkable 5-star rating for both adults and children. It follows in the footsteps of its predecessor and stands out as the first car in India to undergo stringent crash tests. With its exceptional safety credentials, the Kushaq Matte Edition is the ideal choice for safety-conscious buyers.

Pricing and Variants :

The Škoda Kushaq Matte Edition is priced at a premium of ₹40,000 over the regular variants. The 1.0 TSI manual transmission variant is priced at ₹16,19,000, while the automatic transmission variant is priced at ₹17,79,000. The 1.5 TSI manual transmission variant is priced at ₹18,19,000, and the automatic transmission variant is priced at ₹19,39,000.


Skoda Kushaq Matt edition Prices.

With the introduction of the Škoda Kushaq Matte Edition, Škoda Auto India continues to innovate and cater to the evolving preferences of its customers. This limited-run variant combines stunning matte aesthetics with impressive features, advanced infotainment, and top-notch safety. If you are looking for

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