Small, Cute, and Peppy, MG COMET EV REVIEW, Ft. GAMER EDITION.

Indian Auto market has a variety of vehicles with an array of fuel options to select from. Since the government is pushing to adopt EV cars, every OEM is working hard to develop an EV and will introduce it in the market. OEMs like TATA, MG, and MAHINDRA have already launched their EVs in the market and are in the race. Recently MG, also launched the cutest EV in the town, the COMET EV

Recently, Team Motargaadi got hands-on experience on the COMET EV. We tested it in different conditions, took it a little off the road, and checked the range and the attraction it grabs in the city. We got our hands on the GAMER EDITION, which specifically had Gamer decals on the various parts of the vehicle and a dual-tone treatment on the black shade. 



MG COMET EV is available in 3 variants and starts at Rs.7.98 Lakhs ( ex-showroom NOIDA) for the base model. 

  • PACE, Priced at Rs. 7.98 lakhs
  • PLAY, Priced at Rs. 9.28 lakhs 
  • PLUSH, Priced Rs. 9.98 Lakhs
MG COMET EV, Gamer Edition.


The COMET EV’s design language is unique from what we see on regular mass-market cars. It is tall and under 3m in length. The dimensions are so small that this car can be taken to narrow lanes of the city without any hassle. Talking about the design language, the front gets a new design language which attracts a lot of attention. The headlamps are all LED Units and a DRL runs throughout. The MG logo is placed on the flap of the charging point and glows at night while charging. The throw of the headlights was way better than the expectations. The charging socket is located in the front and it supports an AC charger, but not a fast DC charger, and takes approximately 7-9 hours to recharge. 

MG COMET EV, Rear Profile.

It gets a small hood scoop which has GAMER written on it to specify that it is a GAMER edition along with an XBOX controller sticker. The washer fluid goes through this opening rests the battery and the motor is placed under the body. 


When we come to the side of the car, the dimensions are quite short. The length is only 2975mm and the wheelbase is 2010mm. The height is approximately 1495mm but the headroom is not compromised inside. The 12-inch tires are quite small on the outside and a bigger tire could have been a better option to provide for. The door handles are finished in chrome and provide request sensors on both sides. Since it is a 2-door hatch, the window area on both sides is large enough providing a good view of what’s around and bringing airy feeling inside the cabin. The C-pillar gets ELECTRIC badging along with GAMER decals to enhance the gamer feel of the car. 


Now when we come to the rear, it is quite straight as if someone chopped it. The tailgate seems to be a bit curvy and the connected LED DRL design in the front is carried at the rear as well. The Comet EV and the internet inside badge make it look like an overdone thing. The tail lamps are also LED units. Talking about the boot space, it is negligible and the seats fold 50:50 to increase some space and the charging wire is placed inside the boot. 

A cool element in the COMET EV is that whenever the boot will open, the connected LED DRL will shut and the lights will move down and provide an indication to the rear traffic. Overall the rear profile of the car is kind of similar to the front design element and the tail lamps and the head lamps get the same design. 



Now let us hop in the car and check out the elements and the interior of it. 


Since it comes with only 2 doors, both the front seats slide forward and the rear passengers take the entry. Discussing the rear seat experience first, the space is practically decent. The headroom is decent, and talking about the knee room and legroom, it is decent. It can be a cramped situation if two six-foot-tall passengers sit right behind each other. The rear seat offers decent comfort for short commutes and is quite tiring on long journeys. The shoulder room is okayish and might rub due to the lesser width of the vehicle. 


Talking of the GAMER EDITION, both the front and the rear seats, get black leather upholstery and purple and blue stitching on them. Now coming in the front, the dashboard gets a white treatment which makes it look premium but the negative part of that is it’ll catch dirt easily, and maintaining that can be challenging. Since it is a GAMER EDITION, some accents get purple treatment on the inside like the area near the AC vents, the gear selector knob, and the door handle panel. 


The steering wheel is a 2 spoke unit with audio controls and MID controls on it. Talking about the screens present inside, they get connected setup, both 10.25 inches in size, one is an entertainment screen and the other is the instrument cluster. The infotainment screen provides various connectivity options like wireless, Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, Bluetooth, FM, radio, etc, and multiple options for apps and other stuff related to the vehicle.



Now let us start the driving part and see how it performs on the road and what power it produces.


ENGINE:- Now talking about the engine part. This car doesn’t have an engine. It gets a 17.3 kWh battery along with a motor that produces approximately 41.5 BHP of power and 110 Nm of peak torque This is made it to an automated transmission and these power figures are ample enough in the city conditions. This motor provides decent rides in the city and on highways it can be a little lacklustre.


RANGE:-  Since this is an EV, there is no mileage as such which we get from an ice car but talking about the range that it provides the claimed range is approximately 230 km. But in real life, it will deliver about 200 km on a full charge. This range is ample enough for the city commute.


SUSPENSIONS:- Talking about the suspensions of the vehicle, they are tuned to be on a softer side. The 12-inch tires provide decent quality, but it could have been done better. If the tire size could have been a bit bigger. The suspension does filter in some portholes inside the vehicle but on the smooth surface, the right quality of the vehicle is brilliant.


NOISE FILTRATION:- When it comes to cabin insulation, the EV powertrain makes the cabin super silent. There is some noise inside the cabin that filters inside. The road noise or the tire noise doesn’t filter inside the cabin and wind noise can be felt a bit inside the cabin.


BRAKES:- Since speed is an important factor for every enthusiast, the brakes also play an important role in the performance of the car. The MG, Comet EV comes equipped with front disc brakes and rear drum brakes to ensure a sure-footed stopping. It has ABS, and EBD but misses the Traction Control system.


STEERING FEEL AND FEEDBACK:- The feel and feedback from the steering wheel are decent enough. It comes equipped with an electronic power steering and is very lightweight. It weighs up and provides a better feel and feedback. On curvy roads, the body roll is felt a bit but the vehicle maintains its line. 


VISIBILITY:-  The all-around visibility from the driver’s point of view is decent enough. The A-pillars are not that wide and don’t create a blind spot. Talking of the ORVMs, they are decently sized and give a good view of what’s behind them. 




The MG COMET EV is indeed a peppy product and cute competition in the segment. The fit-finish quality of the vehicle is top-notch. It provides decent comfort in both rows and is equipped with best-in-class features. The range provided is also ample for short city commutes. Team Motargaadi gives it a full THUMBS UP from our side and is a sure recommendation in the segment. 


FAQs ( Frequently Asked Questions)


Q.1 What is the price of MG Comet?

A.1 The price starts from Rs. 7.98 Lakhs (ex-showroom) for the base variant.
Q.2 What is the cost of MG Comet EV per km?
A.2 According to us, it’ll be around Rs. 505 per 1000 Km.
Q.3 What is the range of the Comet EV?
A.3 MG COMET EV has a claimed range of 230 Km as per ARAI but in real life, it would return about 200 Km on a single charge.
Q.4 What is the waiting period for MG Comet?
A.4 It has a waiting period of 0-15 weeks depending on the variant you choose.
Q.5 Is MG COMET EV a safe car?
A.5 Yes, the Comet EV comes equipped with dual front airbags along with ABS, and EBD.


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