TATA Motors are fighting an interesting battle with Hyundai Motors for the second position in the best-selling brand after Maruti Suzuki. Tata Motors have successfully managed to snatch the second position many times but has not been able to hold that position for long period. Let’s look at TATA Car Sales in March 2023.

Tata motors
Tata Motors
Mar 2023 vs 
% Growth
March 2023 44,044 Mar 2022 (Yoy) 4.14
March 2022 42,293 Feb 2023 (MoM) 2.75
February 2023 42,865


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If we talk about the sales in March 2023, Tata secured about 44,044 sales. If we talk about the YoY growth of the brand, there is about a 1,751 units increase in volume, which resulted in 4.14% of growth. 

March 2023 witnessed a growth of 2.75%, by selling 1,179 extra units in comparison to February 2023 in domestic sales.

Q1 2023 vs
% Growth
Q1 2023 1,34,899 Q1 2022 (Yoy) 9.62
Q1 2022 1,23,055 Q4 2022 (QoQ) 2.74
Q4 2022 1,31,305


If we talk about the quarterly stats of the sales, then there also we witness that the sales have been on a positive trend. The Q1 of 2023 recorded a growth of about 9.62 % as compared to the Q1 of 2022. The QoQ growth has also been on the positive side, having a 2.74% growth over the Q4 with an increase in the volume of sales by 3,594 units.

So overall, the FY 2022-2023  recorded massive sales of 9,31,957 units being sold in the entire year.




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