Tata inaugurates Rewire Scrapping plant in Surat

Key highlights:
  • Tata inaugurates Rewire Scrapping plant in Surat
  • It’s both seamless and paperless facility
  • Has dedicated stations for dismantling components

Tata Motors, a pioneer in sustainable mobility solutions, has taken another significant step towards its vision of responsible and eco-friendly end-of-life vehicle management with the inauguration of the Rewire Scrapping plant in Surat, Gujarat. Mr. PB Balaji, the Group Chief Financial Officer of Tata Motors, did the inauguration of this cutting-edge facility, which will revolutionize the vehicle scrappage industry.

The Re.wi.re facility, which stands for “Recycle with respect,” can accommodate up to 15,000 vehicles. It ensures environmentally friendly disposal of vehicles after the end of their life cycle. One of the facility’s primary objectives is to scrap vehicles without causing any harm to the environment. This aligns with Tara’s commitment to sustainable future.

Mr PB Balaji’s statement on Rewire 

Tata Rewire scrapping plant
Tata inaugrates Re.wi.re in Surat

Mr. PB Balaji, Group Chief Financial Officer, Tata Motors, expressed his enthusiasm about this milestone, stating, Sustainability is our driving force and serves as our compass, guiding our vision and actions. Today, I am delighted to witness the launch of the Re.Wi.Re. facility in Surat, as we make great strides on a transformative journey towards responsible end-of-life vehicle scrapping. With our globally benchmarked recycling processes, we aim to minimise waste for a brighter future. We are confident that these decentralised facilities will benefit our customers, foster economic growth, generate employment opportunities and fulfil the need of eco-friendly vehicle scrapping.

Scrapping Process at Rewire

Tata scrapping plant Surat
The scrapping plant has safe disposal of components

The success of the scrappage policy in Bhubaneshwar and Jaipur plants paved the way for this facility. The Surat facility features dedicated cell-type and line-type dismantling areas for both commercial and passenger vehicles. All operations within the facility are seamlessly conducted without the use of paper, thanks to its digital infrastructure. Additionally, it boasts specialized stations for dismantling critical components such as fuel, tires, liquids, and gases.

Each vehicle that enters the Re.wi.re facility undergoes a meticulously designed dismantling and documentation process. It enables meeting of the specific requirements for passenger and commercial vehicles. This process ensures the secure and environmentally responsible disposal of components.

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