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By introducing the new Tiago EV on September 28, 2022, Tata Motors will increase the selection of electric vehicles available. The Tiago, an all-electric car, will sit below the Tigor EV and be the most reasonably priced electric passenger car offered by Tata. According to Tata, this hatchback will provide several features exclusive to the electric Tiago.

Tata Motors is preparing to introduce its newest electric hatchback, the Tiago EV, to further solidify its position in the country’s electric car market. On September 28, the third-largest automaker in the country will reveal the new EV to the public, and everyone in the country is eagerly awaiting the reveal.

Tata Motors hasn’t given us much information on the car up to this point, but it has given us a few teaser pictures. From those pictures, we can have a fair idea of what is coming. Let’s look at them in detail!

Tata Tiago EV
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Tata Tiago EV Rear
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On September 9, Tata Motors officially announced the Tiago EV in honour of World EV Day, a day that celebrates electric vehicles. With the all-electric Tiago, the driver will be able to use connected features like cruise control, and other features that are not available on the standard model.

Having dominated the sales of battery-powered electric vehicles for a decade, Nexon EV holds the majority of the market share. The prices may enable an even wider audience to afford zero-emissions automobiles, despite the mostly positive reviews for the Tigor EV.

Expected Technical Features – Tiago EV

Tata has officially revealed various features for the electric hatchback Tiago, some of which will be exclusive to the hatchback. These include the linked automobile technology ZConnect, which is not offered on the basic hatchback.

The technology will also provide remote smartwatch-based features in addition to linked services and smartphone-based functions. The Tiago EV model also comes with cruise control. This EV will also include regeneration modes, and it is possible that one-pedal driving could be an option. Additionally, a sport mode will be accessible and chosen via the leatherette seats and rotary gear selector.

Regen braking has multiple stages, and the highest mode enables single-pedal driving. Its characteristics include the ability to recharge batteries while driving. This function was initially made accessible with the Nexon EV Max and then added to the Nexon EV Prime.

Ziptron Technology

It will likely be powered by Ziptron technology, which powers Nexon EV and Tigor EV too. Tata XPres-T electric vehicles can carry over their battery options to their new electric vehicles. This denotes AA high-energy-density batteries with 21.5 and 16.5 kWh of capacity.

Generally, the power output for the XPres-T is 41 horsepower and 105 Nm of torque. There is a possibility that the Tiago EV will come with the 26kWh lithium-ion battery of the Tigor, which is comparable to the Tigor’s power. This battery produces 75 horsepower and 170 Nm to power the car.

Furthermore, this battery pack can be charged in 1 hour and 5 minutes with a powerful 25kW DC fast charger. The power output is 12v, and the battery life of this charger is up to 2 hours. Tata Motors’ new electric product could be very expensive or very affordable, depending on the price it sets. If you are looking for an affordable price on this product, then it is recommended to check out the ex-showroom prices. They will be displayed soon.

Expected Design Features – Tiago EV

The Tiago EV will, unsurprisingly, be built on the design DNA or, to put it another way, the precise body of the Tiago’s ICE cousin. It doesn’t imply, that it won’t develop its own electric identity; instead, it will probably undergo minor outward cosmetic changes that will distinguish it from its ICE-powered sister. There’s a chance it will get a new front grille, fresh colors, blue accents all around, and of course, EV badging.

The future Tiago EV will look just like the existing ICE-powered Tiago. It may, however, share the Tigor and Nexon EV’s aesthetically pleasing blue accents. It’s interesting to note that the Tigor EV features a split battery pack, with one section located in the boot. The battery pack in the Tiago EV’s packaging has yet to be determined by Tata Motors.

Expected Interior Features – Tiago EV

Moving on to the inside of the next EV, it is anticipated that some modest alterations will be made there as well, most likely including blue accents strewn throughout and new upholstery.

The sub-compact Tigor EV, on which the Tiago EV will be based, lacks cruise control. Sport mode will also be accessible on the hatchback but not on the electric sub-compact car. Premium leatherette seats will also be available for the Tiago EV.

Other than that, more connected car technologies will be a crucial part of the upcoming Tiago EV. Other standard features include projector headlights, a 7-inch interface, Android Auto, Apple CarPlay, an infotainment system display, push-button start-stop, and automated air conditioning.

Final Words

Tata has said to make a milestone achievement with the launch of this car. Tiago EV is a power-packed hatchback electric sedan with features one can afford equally to a small-sized SUV. All the features mentioned above are great additions to your car, and it’s not just for those looking to save money on their next car. You can even get a full-size sedan with all the amenities a premium model offers. If you’re looking for something more luxurious than an SUV or a luxury sedan, then check out the Tiago EV.



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