Cars Sold in January 2023 has a massive YoY and Mom Growth. Since it is the beginning of New Year for the sales of passenger vehicle, there has been an increase in growth in the sales and once again, Maruti Suzuki was the most selling, with a share of more than 49% in the overall Cars Sold in January 2023. Out of 10, 7 cars were from Maruti Suzuki and the competition was given by Tata and followed by Hyundai.


Maruti Suzuki Alto 21,411 12,342 73.48
Maruti Suzuki Wagon R 20,466 20,334 0.65
Maruti Suzuki Swift 16,440 19,108 -13.96
Maruti Suzuki Baleno 16,357 6,791 140.86
TATA Nexon 15,567 13,816 12.67
Hyundai Creta 15,037 9,869 52.37
Maruti Suzuki Brezza  14,359 9,576 49.95
TATA Punch 12,006 10,027 19.74
Marut Suzuki Eeco 11,709 10,528 11.22
Maruti Suzuki Dzire 11,317 14,967 -24.39
TOTAL  1,54,669 1,27,358 21.44

YoY vise Growth of Top Selling Cars of January 2023. 

Maruti Alto

The recently introduced Alto Black edition has significantly contributed in increasing the sales number. At the second position is the Maruti WagonR with a sale of 20,466 units.

Tata and Hyundai

First Non-Maruti Car, Tata Nexon with a sale of 15,567 units gets 5th Position in the list. Tata Nexon has reported a YoY growth of 12.67%. The increasing demand for SUVs in India has also led to a great increase in Creta’s sales figure with an YoY growth of 52.37%.

Maruti Brezza

At the 7th position, we have the Maruti Brezza with a sale of 14,359 units and almost 50% yearly growth in sales. With the increase in the trend of SUVs or pseudo SUVs, TATA Punch also managed to bag a good amount of sales, followed by Eeco and Dzire. We complete the list with a total of 1,54,669 units and an overall YoY growth of 21.44%.

S.No OEM MODEL JAN 2023  DEC 2022 GROWTH % (MoM)
1 Maruti Suzuki Alto 21,411 8648 147.58
2 Maruti Suzuki Wagon R 20,466 10,181 101.02
3 Maruti Suzuki Swift 16,440 12,061 36.31
4 Maruti Suzuki Baleno 16,357 16,932 -3.40
5 TATA Nexon 15,567 12,053 29.15
6 Hyundai Creta 15,037 10,205 47.35
7 Maruti Suzuki Brezza  14,359 11,200 28.21
8 TATA Punch 12,006 10,586 13.41
9 Marut Suzuki Eeco 11,709 10,581 10.66
10 Maruti Suzuki Dzire 11,317 11,997 -5.67
TOTAL  1,54,669 114,450 35.14

MoM vise Growth of Top Selling Cars of January 2023.

With Approx. 1 lakh 55 thousand, Cars Sold in January 2023, the MoM Chart has an Inclined Curve.

Maruti Alto and Wagon R

The segment and the sales chart leader Maruti Suzuki Alto has seen a massive growth of 147% from the previous month and same is the case for its other model Wagon R as well. 

The new Swift also recorded a decent amount of growth of about 36% but there is a de-growth in the sales of Baleno since its competition has achieved a decent amount of numbers. Despite this downfall, Maruti Suzuki still manages to be in the top 3 position of the sales Figure in India.

Tata Nexon – Cars Sold in January 2023

Tata Nexon manages to secure 5th position in the segment and have a continuous growth. This time it has a MoM growth of about 29% from the past sales.

Hyundai Creta – Cars Sold in January 2023

Next up on the sleeve is the Hyundai Creta, who is a segment leader and having a waiting period of 6-8 months. Hyundai Creta get an Amazing MoM growth of about 47% from the previous month, which shows that demand for this product in the segment is very high, thus resulting in an increase of the waiting period.

Tata Punch – Cars Sold in January 2023

Next again we have Tata Punch, which has an ex-showroom price of about Rs. 5 lakh and goes till almost Rs. 9 lakhs safely grows in the competition and thus has a growth of about 12% from the previous month. 

Maruti Dzire – Cars Sold in January 2023

The last in the list is the Maruti Dzire which somewhere showed a degrowth in the sales but on the same side the MPV Eeco managed to have a growth of 10% and with that we can still conclude that out of every 10 cars sold, 7 are from Maruti Suzuki


Citroen also recorded a massive increase in sales. While only selling 40 vehicles in 2022, this time they clocked about a number of 804 vehicles, which is a massive growth in the sale and customer’s trust in the brand.

Conclusion – Cars Sold in January 2023

The total sales stood at 1,54,669 units in January 2023, up 21.44 percent from 1,27,358 units sold in January 2022.

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