Since it is the second month of the new calendar year, the Cars Sold in February 2023 have increased drastically. In February 2023 Maruti Suzuki held the top 6 spots after a very long time. There is a growth of 20.84% on a YoY basis to 1,51,448 units from 1,25,333 units sold in Feb 2022. It even showed a decline of about 2.08% in MoM sales as compared to 1,54,669 units sold in January 2023. It was again that 7 out of 10 positions were secured by Maruti Suzuki.

The total sales stood at 1,51,448 units in February 2023, up 20.84 percent from 1,25,333 units sold in February 2022.





1. MARUTI SUZUKI BALENO 18,592 12,570 47.91
2. MARUTI SUZUKI SWIFT 18,412 19,202 -4.11
3. MARUTI SUZUKI ALTO 18,114 11,551 56.82
4. MARUTI SUZUKI WAGON R  16,889 14,669 15.13
5. MARUTI SUZUKI DZIRE 16,798 17,438 -3.67
6. MARUTI SUZUKI BREZZA 15,787 9,256 70.56
7. TATA NEXON 13,914 12,259 13.50
8. MARUTI SUZUKI EECO 11,352 9,190 23.53
9. TATA PUNCH 11,169 9,592 16.44
10. HYUNDAI CRETA 10,421 9,606 8.48
TOTAL 1,51,488 1,25,333 20.84



This time, Maruti Suzuki bagged the top 6 positions out of 10 in the list of most selling cars in February 2023 but this time Baleno is on the top list whereas last month Alto bagged the first position. Baleno has a very good YoY growth rate of about 47.91% but on the other hand, Swift showed a degrowth of about 4.11% from last year. Alto and Wagon R showed a positive growth but Dzire showed a Negative growth of about -3.67%.


Tata Nexon successfully scored 7th position in the top 10 sales having a positive YoY growth of about 13.50%. It is just behind the competitor Brezza but much ahead of the Korean rival Venue.

Maruti Suzuki

Maruti Suzuki EECO also bagged 8th position in the sales chart and Hyundai Creta again managed to have 10th position in top sales which is among the only SUVs in the category.

Overall, there has been a 20.48% increase in the growth of sales from previous year and though it has some changes in the position. TATA scored 2 positions in the List whereas Hyundai managed to get single position. Therefore we complete the list by the total sales of about 1,51,488 units in the month of February.

MOM Analysis



1. MARUTI SUZUKI BALENO 18,592 16,357 13.66
2. MARUTI SUZUKI SWIFT 18,412 16,440 12.00
3. MARUTI SUZUKI ALTO 18,114 21,411 -15.40
4. MARUTI SUZUKI WAGON R 16,889 20,466 -17.48
5. MARUTI SUZUKI DZIRE 16,798 11,317 48.43
6. MARUTI SUZUKI BREZZA 15,787 14,359 9.94
7. TATA NEXON 13,914 15,567 -10.62
8. MARUTI SUZUKI EECO 11,352 11,709 -3.05
9. TATA  PUNCH 11,169 12,006 -6.97
10. HYUNDAI CRETA 10,421 15,037 -30.70
TOTAL 1,51,488 1,54,669 -2.08


Maruti Suzuki

Since the second month of 2023 has ended, there are some shocking figures of MoM growth and degrowth of various models. There has been an overall degrowth as compared to the last month of January 2023, but yet some models have outperformed in their sales.

The segment and the sales chart leader Maruti Suzuki now have Baleno on the first position whereas last month it had Alto on the top. This month, Alto showed some low sales and reported a degrowth of about 15% from the previous month. That is a massive one so it led Baleno to take its position by having a good amount of sales and a growth of about 13.66%.

On the other hand, Wagon R also showed a massive decrease in sales and dropped by 17% but Dzire managed to bag 5th position with a massive increase of about 48% in sales from the previous month.


TATA Motors Nexon lost its position to Brezza and whereas Brezza showed a positive growth of about 9.9% but on the other hand Nexon had a degrowth of about 10%.


Hyundai Creta again made it place in the top sales chart and being the only SUV in the list, but had a massive degrowth of about 30% where it sold about 15,037 units in the previous month and only 10,421 units in February 2023.

The MPV Eeco also had a small degrowth of about 3%. We can conclude that out of every 10 cars sold, 7 of them are from Maruti Suzuki.

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