Famous Youtuber Triggered Insaan’s AKA Nischay Malhan has an exciting update about his Garage. Recognized for his engaging gaming and roasting videos on YouTube, Triggered Insaan has garnered a substantial following. Within his impressive collection of vehicles, including the Toyota Fortuner and Tata Safari Dark Edition, a recent video showcased the delivery of his new Jaguar F-Pace, accompanied by his family. This addition further amplifies the allure of Triggered Insaan’s Garage and captivates his audience with its elegance and prestige.


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About Triggered Insaan ‘s F-Pace

Image Source: Jaguar India.

The prestigious luxury car dealer, Fusion Cars, based in New Delhi, had the honour of delivering the highly anticipated vehicle to the renowned Indian YouTuber, Triggered Insaan. This noteworthy occasion was captured in a video featured on Dimple Malhan Vlogs, showcasing Triggered Insaan’s mother documenting the delivery of the coveted Jaguar F-Pace. In Triggered Insaan’s videos, he expressed his long-standing desire to own the Jaguar F-Pace, considering it a dream car for him within the Indian market. As of now, the Jaguar F-Pace stands as Jaguar’s flagship SUV model available for discerning customers in India.


Image Source: Jaguar India    

One of the key aspects that greatly appeals to potential buyers is the exceptional aesthetic appeal of the Jaguar F-Pace. Its stunning exterior design is known to captivate onlookers. While the exact range of variants added to Triggered Insaan’s Garage remains uncertain, it is worth noting that the current Jaguar F-Pace lineup in India consists of two options: the petrol and diesel engine variants. Notably, the vehicle boasts an impressive 11.4-inch touchscreen infotainment system, which supports both wireless Android Auto and Apple CarPlay connectivity. The SUV also offers various parking aids, including cruise control with a speed limiter, a 360-degree parking camera, and parking sensors for both the front and rear sections. These features contribute to an enhanced driving experience and reinforce the F-Pace’s reputation as a top-tier luxury SUV.

Image Source: Jaguar India      

The Jaguar F-Pace caters to music lovers with its premium Meridian sound system. It features R-Dynamic elements such as badging and leather seats, along with a fully digital instrument cluster. Additional highlights include a Panoramic Sunroof and electronic tailgate for added convenience.

Performance of the F-Pace

Image Source: Jaguar India

Jaguar has both petrol and diesel engine on offer with its F-Pace and both come with an 8-speed torque converter transmission. The specifications of the engines are as follows:

Engine Variants R-Dynamic (2-liter Turbocharged Petrol)R-Dynamic (2-liter Turbocharged Diesel)
Power 247 BHP210 BHP
Torque 365 Nm430 Nm
Top Speed217 Kmph210 Kmph
Acceleration (0-100 Kmph)7.95 seconds 8 seconds

Pricing of the Jaguar F-Pace

The pricing of the Jaguar F-Pace is Rs 89.41 lakhs (on-road, Gurgaon) for both the petrol and diesel variants.



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